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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2020Administration Model of Civil State Schools to Improve the Quality of EducationYongyouth Yaboonthong; Choocheep Puthaprasert; Phetcharee Rupavijetra; Phongthun Na Chiangmai
Aug-2021An Administrative model of information technology integration in the Lamphun Provincial Education OfficeTharn Thongngok; Yongyouth Yaboonthong; Choocheep Puthaprasert; Winyoo Santipapwiwatana
Mar-2021Development of a management model for the 4.0 era school for senior citizens under Chiang Mai City municipalityChoocheep Puthaprasert; Yongyouth Yaboonthong; Tharn Thongngok; Thanuttha Wudhiwanich
May-2022Development of strategies to promote schools as be schools of innovation of local governments in Chiang Rai ProvinceYongyouth Yaboonthong; Choocheep Puthaprasert; Tharn Thong-ngok; Malaiporn Wongchaiya
Dec-2014The Efficacy of an Administrative Model of Thai Private Universities with International CurriculaAnurak Panyanuwat; Choocheep Puthaprasert; Annop Pongwat; Jaranya Thepphornbanchakit
May-2021Management strategies to develop innovators among secondary science teachers at Saint Gabriel's foundation, ThailandMonnapat Manokarn; Yongyouth Yaboonthong; Choocheep Puthaprasert; Phongtorn Kaewyongphang
May-2022A Model for developing innovation competencies of the teachers in schools under the Foundation of the Church of Christ in ThailandYongyouth Yaboonthong; Choocheep Puthaprasert; Monnapat Manokarn; Phannipha Sutcharitchit
Oct-2020The Model of Integrated Learning Management to Develop Learning in the 21st Century for Students of Northeast Sports SchoolChoocheep Puthaprasert; Yongyouth Yaboonthong; Suwan Muntabutara; Manasanan Srisapan
Mar-2021The Model of integrative buddhism based personnel administration of the basic education schoolsTharn Thongngok; Choocheep Puthaprasert; Yongyouth Yaboonthong; Priyarat Jainet
Aug-2021Operational strategy of Educational Quality Assurance Programme level of Higher Education Institutions in Chiang Mai ProvinceTharn Thongngok; Yongyouth Yaboonthong; Choocheep Puthaprasert; Sarawuth Sornchai
May-2021Strategies for the administration of the Chinese students association of ThailandTharn Thongngok; Yongyouth Yaboonthong; Choocheep Puthaprasert; Weiyong Ou