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Title: ภาพสะท้อนสังคมไทยจากการสื่อสารในเดี่ยวไมโครโฟน อุดม แต้พานิช ครั้งที่ 1 – 12
Other Titles: Reflections of Thai society in Udom Taepanich’s stand-up comedy 1st – 12th
Authors: พราวตา ศรีวิชัย
Authors: พิมลพรรณ ไชยนันท์
พราวตา ศรีวิชัย
Keywords: เดี่ยวไมโครโฟน;ภาพสะท้อนสังคมไทย;อุดม แต้พานิช
Issue Date: 5-Sep-2565
Publisher: เชียงใหม่ : บัณฑิตวิทยาลัย มหาวิทยาลัยเชียงใหม่
Abstract: This qualitive research is study about the contents that has been transmitted and reflections of Thai society in Udom Taepanich’s stand-up comedy 1st – 12th by analyze the text with Textual Analysis which is connected to the context of Thai society from Udom Taepanich’s stand-up comedy. The result of content that was conveyed the most in the stand-up comedy was the social context of Values are consisting of behavioral characteristic and popularity of people in Thai society, entertainment industry, abroad, news, events, technology, and social media that are contexts related to the values of people in Thai society. The next is Other social contexts which are the experiences of Udom’s life and other around him, problems related to life, entertainment, attitudes and perspectives of people, women and man, events, situations occurring in society and a stand-up comedy audience. Another part is the social context in terms of Culture Traditions and beliefs which are about culture, traditions and in faith. The last social context of Technology is communication, innovation, data recording and the online systems. Reflections on Thai society in stand-up comedy, the findings indicated that the reflection of Thai society in terms of Values has characteristics that reflect the popularity of people in Thai society at different times. Which is including attitudes, ideas, behaviors, trends, and materialism that show the need to “existence” of people or groups in society. The next is reflections of Other has characteristics that reflect the lifestyles and problems in the lives of Thai people in different times. This shows the lifestyle of Thai who must find a way to “survive” in a complex society and many dimensions. The third one is reflection of Thai society in terms of Culture, Traditions, and Beliefs are suggest reflecting the culture and beliefs of people in Thai society related to spirits, Buddhism, mysticism, shamans, and mediums. The last is reflection of Technology has specified to reflect the history of innovations in communication of people in Thai society from offline communication, communication via the Internet and online communication like now. Udom Taepanich’s ideology was conveyed through creating a new meaning for society. Which shows the inequality and behavioral characteristics of people in society through the parody of the situation that appears in the society to creates understanding, acceptance and appreciation of the lives of people in society.
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