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Title: Development and characterization of oral mucuna pruriens seed extract jelly
Authors: Chuda Chittasupho
Narisa Kamkaen
Authors: Chuda Chittasupho
Narisa Kamkaen
Keywords: Engineering;Materials Science
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2021
Abstract: The objective of this research was to develop Mucuna pruriens jelly formula to be suitable and easily edible for Parkinson’s patients. The recipe of jelly consisted of M. pruriens seed dry extract as an active ingredient, gelatin, glycerin, citric acid, sodium benzoate, steviol, coffee flavor, and purified water. The jelly was analyzed for physical and chemical characteristics by microscopy and UV-Vis spectrophotometry. It was found that pH of the M. pruriens jelly was 4.77. The microscopic characteristics showed that the jelly texture had a consistent distribution of various components (2.53 particles/cm2 ), with different particles sizes. The observation of the physical macroscopic characteristics found that M. pruriens jelly had dark brown color, smooth surface, and elastic texture, hence suitable for consumption. The analysis of physical stability by observing the changes of appearance with naked eyes for 4 weeks at 30 °C and 4 °C showed that M. pruriens jelly had physical stability at 4 °C better than at 30 °C. The chemical analysis of L-dopa by UV-Vis spectrophotometry revealed that M. pruriens jelly contained a sufficient amount of L-dopa i.e. 542 mg/piece. This research could be developed to be a health product for Parkinson’s patients by taking 2 pieces per day in the morning since the therapeutic dose for Parkinson’s disease is 1000 mg of L-dopa total/day (single dose in the morning).
ISSN: 16629795
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