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Title: Pre-Service Teacher Training Program of STEM-based Activities in Computing Science to Develop Computational Thinking
Authors: Wichaya Pewkam
Suthida Chamrat
Authors: Wichaya Pewkam
Suthida Chamrat
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2022
Abstract: Computing science which focuses on computational thinking, has been a compulsory subject in the Thai science curriculum since 2018. This study is an initial program to explore how and to what extend computing science that focused on STEM education learning approach can develop pre-service teachers’ computational thinking. The online STEM-based activity-Computing Science Teacher Training (CSTT) Program was developed into a two-day course. The computational thinking test (CTT) data indicated pre-service teachers’ fundamental skills of computational thinking: decomposition, algorithms, pattern recognition, pattern generalization and abstractions. The post-test mean score was higher than the pre-test mean score from 9.27 to 10.9 or 13.58 percentage change. The content analysis indicated that there were five key characteristics founded in the online training program comprised: (1) technical support such as online meeting program, equipment, trainer ICT skills (2) learning management system such as Google Classroom, creating classroom section in (3) the link among policy, curriculum and implementation (4) pre-service teachers’ participation and (5) rigor and relevance of how to integrate the applications of computing science into the classroom.
ISSN: 16485831
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