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Title: Acrogenospora (Acrogenosporaceae, Minutisphaerales) Appears to Be a Very Diverse Genus
Authors: Dan Feng Bao
Eric H.C. McKenzie
D. Jayarama Bhat
Kevin D. Hyde
Zong Long Luo
Hong Wei Shen
Hong Yan Su
Keywords: Immunology and Microbiology
Issue Date: 24-Jul-2020
Abstract: © Copyright © 2020 Bao, McKenzie, Bhat, Hyde, Luo, Shen and Su. During a study of diversity and taxonomy of lignicolous freshwater fungi in China, nine species of Acrogenospora were collected. Seven of these were new species and they are described and illustrated. With morphology, additional evidence to support establishment of new species is provided by phylogeny derived from DNA sequence analyses of a combined LSU, SSU, TEF1α, and RPB2 sequence dataset. Acrogenospora subprolata and A. verrucispora were re-collected and sequenced for the first time. The genus Acrogenospora is far more species rich than originally thought, with nine species found in a small area of Yunnan Province, China.
ISSN: 1664302X
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