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Title: Iodosphaeria honghense sp. Nov. (Iodosphaeriaceae, Xylariales) from Yunnan Province, China
Authors: Diana S. Marasinghe
Milan C. Samarakoon
Sinang Hongsanan
Saranyaphat Boonmee
Eric H.C. McKenzie
Keywords: Agricultural and Biological Sciences
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2019
Abstract: Copyright © 2019 Magnolia Press Iodosphaeria honghense sp. nov., collected from dead twigs of an unknown host in Honghe, Yunnan Province, China, is introduced based on morphological characteristics and phylogenetic analyses. Iodosphaeria honghense is distinct from other similar taxa in having cylindrical to allantoid, guttulate ascospores without a mucilaginous sheath. Maximum likelihood and Bayesian analyses based on combined LSU, ITS and RPB2 data matrix indicate that I. honghense forms a distinct lineage within the Iodosphaeriaceae. This study provides a detailed description and illustrations with morphological comparisons, and includes a key to accepted Iodosphaeria species.
ISSN: 11793163
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