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Title: Phenolic Compounds, Biological and Antioxidant Activities of Onobrychis armena Boiss. & Huet Flower and Root Extracts
Authors: Kubra Karakoca"
Meltem Asan-Ozusaglam
Yavuz Selim Cakmak
Mehtap Teksen
Keywords: Extraction
phenolic acids
fish pathogens
clinical/food borne pathogens
cytotoxic activity
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Science Faculty of Chiang Mai University
Citation: Chiang Mai Journal of Science 42, 2 (April 2015), 376 - 392
Abstract: Onobrychis armena Boiss.&Huet (Fabaceae) is a plant species that is endemic to Turkey and grows in Aksaray. The aim of the present study is to examine antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of crude extracts of O. armena flower and root. The antimicrobial activities of the extracts were investigated by using disc diffusion and microdilution-broth methods against human and fish pathogen microorganisms. The results showed that all the extracts exhibited varying degrees of antimicrobial activity on the microorganisms tested. The antioxidant activity was determined with total antioxidant activity, free radical scavenging activity, ferric ion reducing power, and cupric ion reducing antioxidant capacity assay. In addition, the total phenolic compounds and flavonoids were measured in the extracts. The phenolic composition of the methanolic root extract was analyzed by HPLC. The HPLC analysis showed that the major component was rutin (428.80 µg/g). Cytotoxic effect of the methanolic root extract was also tested on human breast cell (MCF12A). The results showed that flower and root extracts of O. armena may be a potential source of natural antimicrobial and antioxidants and could be used as a natural source in food industry, drug discovery, clinical and food chemistry, and antimicrobial agents against human and fish pathogens.
ISSN: 0125-2526
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