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Title: A cost effective easy competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay suitable for monitoring protective immunity against the rabies virus in the serum of humans and dogs
Authors: Yada Aronthippaitoon
Waraporn Samer
Thitima Atuntee
Hathairat Thananchai
Kriangkrai Thongkorn
Pornsawan Pongsopawijit
Satoshi Inoue
Akira Noguchi
Eun Sil Park
Akihito Kawai
Wilaiwan Petsophonsakul
Keywords: Medicine
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2019
Abstract: © 2019, National Institute of Health. All rights reserved. The coverage of rabies vaccinations has been reported at 70–80% of dogs in annual reports. However, there are still outbreaks of rabies among humans and dogs in Thailand, thus indicating the necessity of ensuring seroprevalence in vaccinated dogs and efficacy of human immunization. A cost effective easy competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (CEE-cELISA) was developed here for monitoring protective immunity against the rabies virus in human and dog serum samples using monoclonal antibody clone 1-46-12, which recognizes a conformational epitope of the rabies G protein. The ELISA plate is coated with the whole viral antigen from a commercial vaccine. The serotiter measured by the CEE-cELISA and by the gold standard assay (rapid fluorescent focus inhibition test), detecting the neutralizing antibody, showed a strong correlation, with an R value of 0.958 and 0.931 in humans and dogs, respectively. These correlations were detected in the serum samples from humans and dogs at antibody concentrations up to 100 and 10 IU/ml, respectively. This CEE-cELISA could be an alternative assay for evaluating mass rabies vaccination rapidly at a low cost as well as for detecting antirabies antibodies in the serum of not only humans but also other animal species.
ISSN: 18842836
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