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Title: Dose accumulation with deformable image registration method using helical tomotherapy images for prostate cancer
Authors: Warit Thongsuk
Imjai Chitapanarux
Somsak Wanwilairat
Wannapha Nobnop
Keywords: Medicine
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2019
Abstract: © Cambridge University Press 2019. Purpose:To evaluate changes of accumulated doses from an initial plan in each fraction by deformable image registration (DIR) with daily megavoltage computed tomography (MVCT) images from helical tomotherapy for prostate cancer patients.Materials and methods:The MVCT images of five prostate cancer patients were acquired by using a helical tomotherapy unit before the daily treatment fraction began. All images data were exported to DIR procedures by MIM software, in which the planned kilovoltage computed tomography (kVCT) images were acting as the source images with the daily MVCT acquired as the target images for registration. The automatic deformed structure was used to access the volume variation and daily dose accumulation to each structure. All dose-volume parameters were compared to the initial planned dose.Results:The actual median doses of the planning target volume (PTV) received 70 Gy and 50.4 Gy were decreased at the end of the treatment with an average 1·0 ± 0·67% and 2·1 ± 1·54%, respectively. As regards organs at risk (OARs), the bladder and rectum dose-volume parameters tended to increase from the initial plan. The high-dose regions of the bladder and rectum, however, were decreased from the initial plan at the end of the treatment.Conclusions:The daily actual dose differs from the initial planned dose. The accumulated dose of target tends to be lower than the initial plan, but tends to be higher than the initial plan for the OARs. Therefore, inter-fractional anatomic changes should be considered by the DIR methods, which would be useful as clinically informative and beneficial for adaptive treatment strategies.
ISSN: 14671131
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