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Title: The amazing potential of fungi: 50 ways we can exploit fungi industrially
Authors: Kevin D. Hyde
Jianchu Xu
Sylvie Rapior
Rajesh Jeewon
Saisamorn Lumyong
Allen Grace T. Niego
Pranami D. Abeywickrama
Janith V.S. Aluthmuhandiram
Rashika S. Brahamanage
Siraprapa Brooks
Amornrat Chaiyasen
K. W.Thilini Chethana
Putarak Chomnunti
Clara Chepkirui
Boontiya Chuankid
Nimali I. de Silva
Mingkwan Doilom
Craig Faulds
Eleni Gentekaki
Venkat Gopalan
Pattana Kakumyan
Dulanjalee Harishchandra
Hridya Hemachandran
Sinang Hongsanan
Anuruddha Karunarathna
Samantha C. Karunarathna
Sehroon Khan
Jaturong Kumla
Ruvishika S. Jayawardena
Jian Kui Liu
Ningguo Liu
Thatsanee Luangharn
Allan Patrick G. Macabeo
Diana S. Marasinghe
Dan Meeks
Peter E. Mortimer
Peter Mueller
Sadia Nadir
Karaba N. Nataraja
Sureeporn Nontachaiyapoom
Meghan O’Brien
Watsana Penkhrue
Chayanard Phukhamsakda
Uma Shaanker Ramanan
Achala R. Rathnayaka
Resurreccion B. Sadaba
Birthe Sandargo
Binu C. Samarakoon
Danushka S. Tennakoon
Ramamoorthy Siva
Wasan Sriprom
T. S. Suryanarayanan
Kanaporn Sujarit
Nakarin Suwannarach
Thitipone Suwunwong
Benjarong Thongbai
Naritsada Thongklang
Deping Wei
S. Nuwanthika Wijesinghe
Jake Winiski
Jiye Yan
Erandi Yasanthika
Marc Stadler
Keywords: Agricultural and Biological Sciences
Environmental Science
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2019
Abstract: © 2019, The Author(s). Fungi are an understudied, biotechnologically valuable group of organisms. Due to the immense range of habitats that fungi inhabit, and the consequent need to compete against a diverse array of other fungi, bacteria, and animals, fungi have developed numerous survival mechanisms. The unique attributes of fungi thus herald great promise for their application in biotechnology and industry. Moreover, fungi can be grown with relative ease, making production at scale viable. The search for fungal biodiversity, and the construction of a living fungi collection, both have incredible economic potential in locating organisms with novel industrial uses that will lead to novel products. This manuscript reviews fifty ways in which fungi can potentially be utilized as biotechnology. We provide notes and examples for each potential exploitation and give examples from our own work and the work of other notable researchers. We also provide a flow chart that can be used to convince funding bodies of the importance of fungi for biotechnological research and as potential products. Fungi have provided the world with penicillin, lovastatin, and other globally significant medicines, and they remain an untapped resource with enormous industrial potential.
ISSN: 18789129
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