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Title: Towards green titration: Downscaling the sequential injection analysis lab-at-valve titration system with the stepwise addition of a titrant
Authors: Pathinan Paengnakorn
Saiphon Chanpaka
Kanchana Watla-Iad
Wasin Wongwilai
Kate Grudpan
Keywords: Chemistry
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2019
Abstract: © The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry. A downscaling in true titration based on a simple sequential injection analysis-lab-at-valve (SIA-LAV) has been proposed. A titrant solution was stepwise aspirated into a titration LAV chamber and a titration curve was obtained by monitoring the change in the solution color spectroscopically. This fully-automated SIA-LAV system required less volume of the sample/reagents, only a micro-liter scale, compared to the conventional method. The system was investigated with complexometric titration and acid-base titration. Application of the developed technique to some real samples has been demonstrated.
ISSN: 13482246
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