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Title: Dermacoccus barathri sp. nov. and Dermacoccus profundi sp. nov., novel actinomycetes isolated from deep-sea mud of the Mariana Trench
Authors: Wasu Pathom-aree
Yuichi Nogi
Alan C. Ward
Koki Horikoshi
Alan T. Bull
Michael Goodfellow
Keywords: Agricultural and Biological Sciences
Immunology and Microbiology
Issue Date: 1-Oct-2006
Abstract: The taxonomic positions of two actinobacterial strains isolated from Mariana Trench sediment were established using a combination of genotypic and phenotypic data. The strains, isolates MT2.1Tand MT2.2T, formed a distinct phyletic line in the Micrococcineae 16S rRNA gene tree together with Dermacoccus abyssi NCIMB 14084T. The isolates had chemical and phenotypic properties typical of members of the genus Dermacoccus and could be distinguished sharply from one another and from the type strains of Dermacoccus abyssi and Dermacoccus nishinomiyaensis using DNA-DNA relatedness data. A range of phenotypic properties served to distinguish the two novel strains from one another and from the type strains of established Dermacoccus species. The G+C contents of the DNAs of strains MT2.1Tand MT2.2Twere 66.8 and 69.1 mol%, respectively. It is evident that the two isolates merit recognition as novel species within the genus Dermacoccus. The names proposed for these taxa are Dermacoccus barathri sp. nov. (type strain MT2.1T=DSM 17574T=NCIMB 14081T) and Dermacoccus profundi sp. nov. (type strain MT2.2T=DSM 17575T=NCIMB 14084T). © 2006 IUMS.
ISSN: 14665026
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