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Title: Unexpected oxidation of a diphos-phine by bis-(1,3-diphenylpropane-1,3- dionato)-cobalt(II), [Co(dbm)2]
Authors: David J. Harding
Phimphaka Harding
Theerapol Thurakitseree
Harry Adams
Keywords: Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology
Physics and Astronomy
Issue Date: 10-Mar-2007
Abstract: The reaction of bis-(1,3-diphenylpropane-1,3-dionato)cobalt(II), [Co(dbm)2], with bis-(diphenyl-phosphino)ethane (dppe) affords the coordination polymer catena-poly[[bis-(1,3-diphenyl-propane-1,3-dionato-2 O,O′)cobalt(II)] - ethyl-enebis(diphenyl-phosphine oxide)-2 O:O′], trans-[Co(C15H11O2)2(C26H24O2P2)] n, as a result of oxidation of the diphos-phine. The Co atom is octa-hedral, with a CoO6 coordination sphere, and the chelating dbm ligands adopt a trans configuration. The Co atom also lies on a centre of inversion, with a further symmetry centre bis-ecting the bridging ethyl-enebis(diphenyl-phosphine oxide) ligand. © International Union of Crystallography 2007.
ISSN: 01082701
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