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Title: Platinum thin film-antimony doped barium strontium titanate Schottky barrier diode
Authors: N. Sirikulrat
Keywords: Physics and Astronomy
Issue Date: 22-Feb-2008
Abstract: The Schottky barrier diode of the platinum thin film on the antimony doped barium strontium titanate polycrystalline ceramics was prepared and its electrical conduction was investigated. At the low field forward biasing, the current voltage relationship was Ohmic as expected from the space charge limited conduction (SCLC). Results from the high field biasing indicated that the exponential conduction occurred due to the Schottky emission rather than the trap free square law arising from the SCLC. The barrier height and the ideality factor of 0.87 eV and 1.5 were obtained in the diode with the Pt film thickness of 84 nm. © 2008 American Institute of Physics.
ISSN: 00036951
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