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Title: Dielectric properties of PZT-PCN ceramics under compressive stress
Authors: Muangjai Unruan
Anurak Prasatkhetragarn
Yongyut Laosiritaworn
Supon Ananta
Rattikorn Yimnirun
Keywords: Physics and Astronomy
Issue Date: 1-Apr-2008
Abstract: In this study, ceramics in PZT-PCN systems with a formula (1-x)Pb(Zr 1/2 Ti1/2) O3-(x)Pb(Co1/3Nb 2/3)O3 (x=0.1-0.5) were prepared by a solid-state mixed-oxide technique. The phase formation and microstructure were studied using x-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM), respectively. Effects of compressive stress on the dielectric properties of PZT-PCN ceramics were investigated at stress up to 230 MPa using a compressometer. The results clearly showed that the dielectric constant of the PZT-PCN ceramics increased significantly with increasing applied stress, while the dielectric loss tangent showed an opposing trend. The experimental observations have been attributed to a combination of the domain switching and the deaging mechanisms from the application of the compressive stress. © 2008 The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
ISSN: 14024896
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