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Title: Analysis of genetic relationship of the genus Phalaenopsis by RAPD technique
Authors: P. Taywiya
W. Bundithya
N. Potapohn
Keywords: Agricultural and Biological Sciences
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2008
Abstract: Genetic relationship of 36 samples from 32 species of the genus Phalaenopsis and related genera was evaluated based on RAPD technique using 20 decamer primers. Six primers that were OPAK 10, OPD 03, OPF 01, OPF 02, OPF 09 and OPF 14 showed polymorphic DNA bands with high resolution and produced 78 polymorphic bands ranged in size from 223 to 2,300 bp. Genetic relationship was determined by UPGMA cluster analysis, using the Program NTSYS-PC version 2.01. Cluster analysis of six primer combinations could distinguish and divided the genus Phalaenopsis and related genera into 11 groups, which were correspondent to the analysis of genus Phalaenopsis by morphological characteristics. The genera Doritis and Kingidium were genetically distant from the genus Phalaenopsis.
ISSN: 05677572
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