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Title: The low-energy ion range in DNA
Authors: L. D. Yu
T. Kamwanna
I. G. Brown
Keywords: Health Professions
Issue Date: 9-Nov-2009
Abstract: In fundamental studies of low-energy ion irradiation effects on DNA, calculation of the low-energy ion range, an important basic physical parameter, is often necessary. However, up to now a unified model and approach for range calculation is still lacking, and reported data are quite divergent and thus unreliable. Here we describe an approach for calculation of the ion range, using a simplified mean-pseudoatom model of the DNA target. Based on ion stopping theory, for the case of low-energy (≤ a few keV) ion implantation into DNA, the stopping falls in the low reduced energy regime, which gives a cube-root energy dependence of the stopping (E1/3). Calculation formulas of the ion range in DNA are obtained and presented to unify the relevant calculations. The upper limits of the ion energy as a function of the atomic number of the bombarding ion species are proposed for the low-energy case to hold. Comparison of the results of this approach with the results of some widely used computer simulation codes and with results reported by other groups indicates that the approach described here provides convincing and dependable results. © 2009 Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine.
ISSN: 13616560
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