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Title: Experimental Investigation of hot Water Generation from Small CaO/Ca(OH)<inf>2</inf>Thermochemical Energy Storage System
Authors: N. Takham
N. Tippayawong
Keywords: Earth and Planetary Sciences
Environmental Science
Issue Date: 14-Jun-2018
Abstract: © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd. Thermochemical energy storage (TCS) is a very promising method for energy applications, storage, transport and thermal generation because of its high energy density and negligible heat loss. Several storage materials are being explored, in which CaO/Ca(OH)2is among the most attractive systems for further investigations. In this work, a small Ca based TCS system was developed, built and tested for hot water generation. Hydration and dehydration reactions involving CaO and Ca(OH)2powders were performed. Performance in terms of temperature rise in heat transfer fluid and its efficiency during successive discharging/charging cycles was evaluated and discussed.
ISSN: 17551315
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