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Title: Assessing Consumers’ Perceptions of Packaging Attributes and Packaging Label of Community’s ‘Green’ Chili (Pepper) Products in Thailand
Authors: Jakkreeporn Sannork
Aree Wiboonpongse
Tzong Ru Lee
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2018
Abstract: © 2018, Springer International Publishing AG, part of Springer Nature. This study aims to assess and identify the key factors that contribute in developing packaging attributes and label information of ‘green’ chili pepper products of farmers’ community enterprises to make them more appealing to consumers in Thailand. The study was conducted in five provinces in Thailand. The data were obtained through interviewing 200 respondents using a standardized questionnaire. Gray Relational Analysis (GRA) and Binary Logit Regression model were applied to analyze the data. The analyses show that consumers pay more attention on information label than packaging attributes of the product when they buy the product. It was also found that consumers give importance to safety features of the product when they select the product. Therefore, the producers of ‘green’ chili products should include food safety features on packaging label of their product. The study findings might be beneficial to farmers in branding and selling their products with greater success.
ISSN: 16113349
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