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Title: Mycosphere Notes 225-274: Types and other specimens of some genera of Ascomycota
Authors: M. Doilom
K. D. Hyde
R. Phookamsak
D. Q. Dai
L. Z. Tang
S. Hongsanan
P. Chomnunti
S. Boonmee
M. C. Dayarathne
W. J. Li
K. M. Thambugala
R. H. Perera
D. A. Daranagama
C. Norphanphoun
S. Konta
W. Dong
D. Ertz
A. J.L. Phillips
E. H.C. McKenzie
K. Vinit
H. A. Ariyawansa
E. B.G. Jones
P. E. Mortimer
Jian Chu Xu
Itthayakorn Promputtha
Keywords: Agricultural and Biological Sciences
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2018
Abstract: © Guizhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences. This is the fifth in a series, Mycosphere notes, wherein 50 notes are provided on types of genera and other specimens with descriptions and illustrations. This includes one genus in Arthoniomycetes, one genus in Eurotiomycetes, 38 genera in Dothideomycetes, six genera in Sordariomycetes, two genera in Ascomycota, families incertae sedis, one genus in Pezizomycotina, and one taxon, Angatia rondoniensis, is treated as a doubtful species. Pycnocarpon magnificum is classified in Asterinaceae. We reinstate Eopyrenula in Dacampiaceae on the basis of its morphological characters, which are similar to other members in this family. Eopyrenula leucoplaca is designated as a reference specimen. Fasciatispora arengae is described as a new species. The isotype specimen (GZU 000301526), which was formerly named as Thyridium concinnum is transferred to Platystomum based on morphology. Syrropeltis is placed in the family Parmulariaceae based on morphology. Rivilata and Vonarxella are excluded from Saccardiaceae, and treated in Phaeothecoidiellaceae and Schizothyriaceae, respectively. The family Saccardiaceae based on Saccardia quercina is maintained and includes Ascolectus, Cyanodiscus, Henningsiella, Phillipsiella, Pseudodiscus and Schenckiella. Johansoniaceae is introduced as a new family. We hope to motivate fresh collecting of type species included of taxa in genera incertae sedis, so that molecular data can be obtained to confirm their natural classification.
ISSN: 20777019
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