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Title: Framework of an interactive game-based balance training system for improving standing balance using the kinect sensor
Authors: Sirinun Boripuntakul
Teerawat Kamnardsiri
Krittiya Saksrisataporn
Keywords: Computer Science
Social Sciences
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2017
Abstract: The proportion of older people is becoming growing segment of the world population, causing healthcare costs to rise dramatically. Aging is associated with progressive physiological decline which places older people at a higher risk of falls. In general, falls occur during various daily activities that are constrained by limits of stability (LOS) such as tripping, reaching or bending. LOS is defined as the maximum distance an individual can shift his/her centre of gravity in a given direction (forward, backward and side-to-side) without losing balance or stepping. One's LOS ability is proposed to be an essential prerequisite for the successful planning and execution of movement such as forward reaching task. Therefore, practising individual's ability to transfer his/her body weight to approach the LOS while performing rapid arm movement may improve dynamic standing balance, especially in older people with balance impairment. Game-based training is now a growing interest to be used as a rehabilitation tool in facilitating a positive user experience and motor skill ability. In this study, we present a framework of an interactive games-based training system using the Kinect sensor that aims at training dynamic standing balance for faller older adults. The findings from the paper may provide useful information in developing and evaluating the efficacy of games-based balance training system among older adults with balance impairment.
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