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Title: Study and implement delivery method for decision support systems of Chiang Mai urban transit
Authors: Orasa Tammasarangoon
Poon Thiengburanathum
Authors: Orasa Tammasarangoon
Poon Thiengburanathum
Keywords: Computer Science;Decision Sciences
Issue Date: 1-May-2017
Abstract: © 2016 IEEE. This paper propose the method for decision support systems of public transport in the Chiang Mai city. The public transport system is essential for a lot of people in city particularly persons with low income. However, because public transport is currently experiencing issues awareness routes, the duration of the trip and the waiting time at the park assist the decision support system (DSS) to use public transport as an alternative format to help facilitate the users. DSS can be used to reduce costs, energy consumption, pollution and traffic congestion on the roads. In this paper, a DSS framework based on object-oriented database structure integrate with a user friendly web based application is described. A DSS provide user about the trip information such as geographical data, vehicle route and arrival time. The proposed decision consists of three modules including database system management, GPS module, and planning module to calculate the speed of travel along different paths, and the user interface to display the results back to user.
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