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Title: Mycosphere notes 51-101. Revision of genera in Perisporiopsidaceae and Pseudoperisporiaceae and other Ascomycota genera incertae sedis
Authors: S. Boonmee
R. Phookamsak
S. Hongsanan
M. Doilom
A. Mapook
E. H.C. McKenzie
D. J. Bhat
Kevin D. Hyde
Keywords: Agricultural and Biological Sciences
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2017
Abstract: © Guizhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences. This is the second in a series, Mycosphere notes, wherein we provide notes on various fungal genera. In this set of notes we deal with genera of the families Perisporiopsidaceae and Pseudoperisporiaceae. These families have traditionally accommodated taxa associated with dead and living leaves of mostly tropical plants and comprised pathogens, saprobes or epiphytes. Most genera are poorly understood with only brief Latin descriptions, but molecular sequence data are needed to establish their taxonomic placements. In this study, 50 genera and 51 taxa are reexamined and their placements at the family level discussed. Thirteen new families Alinaceae, Balladynaceae, Cleistosphaeraceae, Dysrhynchisceae, Hyalomeliolinaceae, Lizoniaceae, Nematotheciaceae, Neoparodiaceae, Phaeodimeriellaceae, Pododimeriaceae, Polyclypeolinaceae, Stomatogeneceae and Toroaceae are introduced and Dimeriaceae is reinstated in this paper. One new species, Phaeostigme alchorneae is introduced. Nine genera are transferred to other families. However, fresh collections, epitypification or reference specimens including DNA sequence data, are required to confirm their phylogenetic placements.
ISSN: 20777019
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