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Title: C/O Kerma coefficient ratio for 96 MeV neutrons deduced from microscopic measurements
Authors: M. Göttsche
S. Pomp
U. Tippawan
P. Andersson
R. Bevilacqua
J. Blomgren
C. Gustavsson
M. Österlund
V. Simutkin
Keywords: Physics and Astronomy
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2010
Abstract: Double-differential cross sections for neutron-induced light-ion production at 96 MeV have been measured for a variety of nuclei at The Svedberg Laboratory. Using the measured cross-section data, we deduce the Kerma coefficient from carbon and oxygen for p, d, t,3He and α particles. In order to get the total Kerma for C and O, we add GNASH calculation values where experimental data are not available and obtain a Kerma coefficient of 7.85 ± 0.63 fGy m2for carbon and 7.09 ± 0.57 fGy m2for oxygen. The C/O Kerma coefficient ratio then becomes 1.11 ± 0.11. In addition we determine the Kerma ratio between ICRU muscle and A-150, again adding calculations with the GNASH code where no experimental data are available, and obtain a value of 0.98 ± 0.05. While the Kerma coefficients for carbon and oxygen do not agree with the prediction in ICRU Report 63, the ratio values are in good agreement with existing predictions. © 2010 Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
ISSN: 13504487
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