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Title: Monitoring of arsenic in aquatic plants, water, and sediment of wastewater treatment ponds at the Mae Moh Lignite power plant, Thailand
Authors: Jomjun Nateewattana
Siripen Trichaiyaporn
Maliwan Saouy
Jintapat Nateewattana
Prasak Thavornyutikarn
Petch Pengchai
Somporn Choonluchanon
Keywords: Environmental Science
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2010
Abstract: Mae Moh is a risky area for arsenic contamination caused by the effluent from biowetland ponds in Mae Moh lignite-fuelled power plant. The objective of this study was to investigate the arsenic concentrations of Mae Moh biowetland ponds and determine the main factors which are important for arsenic phytoremediation in the treatment system. The result revealed that arsenic concentrations in the supernant were in the range of less than 1.0 μg As L-1to 2.0 μg As L-1while those in the sediment were in the range of 25-200 μg As kg soil-1. Both values were below the Thailand national standard of 0.25 mg As L-1for water and 27 mg As kg soil-1for the soil. Arsenic accumulation in the biomass of 5 aquatic plants at the biowetland ponds ranged from 123.83 to 280.53 mg As kgPlant-1. Regarding the result of regression analysis (R2= 0.474 to 0.954), high concentrations of organic matter and other soluble ions as well as high pH value in the sediment could significantly enhance the removal of soluble arsenic in the wetland ponds. From the regression equation of accumulated arsenic concentration in each aquatic plant, Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms. (R2= 0.954), Ipomoea aquatica Forsk. (R2= 0.850), and Typha angustifolia (L.) (R2= 0.841) were found to be preferable arsenic removers for wastewater treatment pond in the condition of low Eh value and high content of solid phase EC and phosphorus. On the other hand, Canna glauca (L.) (R2= 0.749) appeared to be favorable arsenic accumulator for the treatment pond in the condition of high Eh value and high concentration of soluble EC. © 2009 Springer Science+Business Media B.V.
ISSN: 15732959
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