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Title: Warehouse storage assignment: The case study of camera and lense manufacturer
Authors: C. Kasemset
C. Rinkham
Authors: C. Kasemset
C. Rinkham
Keywords: Business, Management and Accounting;Engineering
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2011
Abstract: This study presents the application of storage assignment in warehouse management to the case study of camera and lense manufacturer located in Thailand. The objective is to improve the movement of products and parts used in the assembly line by proposing two new policies for storage assignment. The policies are based and evaluated; by product model and part customer. These policies are practical because they can be simply implemented and understood by workers. The results of the two policies as compared with the existing system give the total transportation distance of 5375.6 meters per day, 5262.7 meters per day and 6282.2 meters per day, respectively which indicate a reduction of 14.43% and 16.23% from the existing situation. © 2011 IEEE.
ISSN: 2157362X
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