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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-May-2012Characteristics of 45S5 bioglass-ceramics using natural raw materialsW. Leenakul; N. Pisitpipathsin; P. Kantha; N. Tawichai; S. Tigunta; S. Eitssayeam; G. Rujijanagul; K. Pengpat; A. Munpakdee
25-Nov-2009Characterization of lead-free B<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>doped barium stannate titanate ceramicsN. Tawichai; K. Pengpat; G. Rujijanagul
5-Feb-2010Development of bioactive ceramics to control mite and microbial diseases in bee farmsB. Booppha; S. Eittsayeam; K. Pengpat; P. Chantawannakul
1-May-2008Development of electrical properties in lead-free bismuth sodium lanthanum titanate-barium titanate ceramic near the morphotropic phase boundaryP. Jarupoom; K. Pengpat; N. Pisitpipathsin; S. Eitssayeam; U. Intatha; G. Rujijanagul; T. Tunkasiri
1-Nov-2016Dielectric and Magnetic Properties of Ba(Fe<inf>1/2</inf>Ta<inf>1/2</inf>)O<inf>3</inf>-BiFeO<inf>3</inf>CeramicsS. Manotham; P. Butnoi; P. Jaita; S. Pinitsoontorn; D. Sweatman; S. Eitssayeam; K. Pengpat; G. Rujijanagul
1-Dec-2009Dielectric and piezoelectric properties of Sr doped 0.8PZT-0.2PNN ceramicsK. Sutjarittangtham; N. Tawichai; U. Intatha; S. Eitssayeam; K. Pengpat; G. Rujijanagul
26-Apr-2017Dielectric properties of Ba<inf>1-</inf><inf>x</inf>Sr<inf>x</inf>(Fe<inf>0.5</inf>Ta<inf>0.5</inf>)O<inf>3</inf>giant dielectric ceramicsL. Tawee; P. Jaita; R. Sanjoom; K. Pengpat; S. Eitssayeam; T. Tunkasiri; G. Rujijanagul; S. J. Mile
1-May-2013Dielectric properties of strontium iron holmium niobate ceramicsK. Sanjoom; T. Tunkasiri; K. Pengpat; S. Eitssayeam; G. Rujijanagul
1-Jan-2014Dielectric relaxation and electrical properties of lead-free perovskite BaGe<inf>x</inf>(Fe<inf>0.5</inf>Nb<inf>0.5</inf>) 1-<inf>x</inf>O<inf>3</inf>CeramicP. Kantha; N. Pisitpipathsin; K. Pengpat; S. Eitssayeam; G. Rujijanagul; R. Guo; Amar S. Bhalla
1-Jan-2015Dielectric, mechanical, and microstructural characterization of HA-BST compositesS. Inthong; T. Tunkasiri; G. Rujijanagul; K. Pengpat; C. Kruea-In; U. Intatha; S. Eitssayeam
15-May-2012Effect of BaZr <inf>0.05</inf>Ti <inf>0.95</inf>O <inf>3</inf> addition on microstructure and piezoelectric properties of hydroxyapatite boneN. Pisitpipathsin; P. Kantha; W. Leenakul; P. Sriprapha; K. Pengpat; S. Eitssayeam; G. Rujijanagul
15-May-2012Effect of crystalline morphology on mechanical properties of PPB polymer nanofiber compositeS. Sangthaiyarak; N. Tawichai; K. Pengpat; G. Rujijanagul; T. Tunkasiri; S. Eitssayeam
25-Nov-2009Effect of heat treatment conditions on properties of lead- free Bi<inf>2</inf>GeO<inf>5</inf>ferroelectric glass ceramicsP. Kantha; K. Pengpat; G. Rujijanagul; T. Tunkasiri; S. Eitssayeam; U. Intatha; S. Sirisoonthorn
15-May-2012Effect of metal oxide nano-particles addition on physical properties of hydroxyapatiteN. Lertcumfu; P. Jarupoom; K. Pengpat; T. Tunkasiri; G. Rujijanagul
7-Oct-2009Effect of particle size on the dielectric properties of sodium potassium niobate -Portland cement compositesR. Potong; R. Rianyoi; P. Jarupoom; K. Pengpat; A. Chaipanich
1-Dec-2008The effect of processing parameters on properties of Bi2GeO 5 glass ceramicsP. Kantha; S. Sirisoonthorn; K. Pengpat
1-Sep-2009Effect of the solid-state synthesis parameters on the physical and electronic properties of perovskite-type Ba(Fe,Nb)<inf>0.5</inf>O<inf>3</inf>ceramicsS. Eitssayeam; U. Intatha; K. Pengpat; G. Rujijanagul; K. J D MacKenzie; T. Tunkasiri
1-Dec-2008Effect of ZrO<inf>2</inf> doping in physical properties of barium iron niobate ceramicsU. Intatha; S. Eitssayeam; K. Pengpat; G. Rujijanagul; T. Tunkasiri
1-Oct-2012Effects of GeO<inf>2</inf>addition on physical and electrical properties of BaFe<inf>0.5</inf>Nb<inf>0.5</inf>O<inf>3</inf>ceramicP. Kantha; N. Pisitpipathsin; K. Pengpat; S. Eitssayeam; G. Rujijanagul; R. Gua; Amar S. Bhalla
1-Dec-2008Effects of potassium fluoride salt additive on the sintering temperature and dielectric properties of BaFe<inf>0.5</inf>Nb<inf>0.5</inf>O<inf>3</inf> ceramicsU. Intatha; K. Sathitada; S. Eitssayeam; K. Pengpat; G. Rujijanagul; P. Thavornyuttakarn; T. Tunkasiri