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Title: ความพึงพอใจของลูกค้าต่อการบริการหลังการขายของ ศูนย์บริการรถยนต์ บริษัท โตโยต้า ล้านนา จำกัด
Other Titles: Customer Satisfaction Towards After Sale Services of Automobile Service Center, Toyota Lanna Company Limited
Authors: ณัฐธยาน์ ยะจา
Authors: อาจารย์ ดร. วรัท วินิจ
ณัฐธยาน์ ยะจา
Keywords: บริษัทโตโยต้า
Issue Date: 14-Aug-2557
Publisher: เชียงใหม่ : บัณฑิตวิทยาลัย มหาวิทยาลัยเชียงใหม่
Abstract: The purpose of this independent study was to study customer satisfaction towards after sale services of automobile service center, Toyota Lanna Company Limited. The study revealed that most of the respondents were single women, age between 30 – 39 years, educated at bachelor degree level, and were employed by private companies. Most respondents brought the ALTIS car to receive service. The car was first hand, and was used for 3 – 4 years. The car was brought to automobile service on Monday – Friday from 8.00 a.m. – 12. a.m. The respondents would make an appointment every time before bringing the car to service, and would come by themselves. The most service used was car check-up such as checking-up every 5,000 km. or 10,000 km. The favorite marketing promotion was car parts discount. The suggestion from friends and relatives regarding finding information in order to make a decision in choosing automobile repairing service, the extra service needed were staff delivering a car at office/home by charging extra cost including providing 24 hours service by charging extra price. The respondents would come back for the service again, and would definitely advise friends or relatives to use automobile service at Toyota Lanna Company Limited. When analyzing the marketing mix factor using IPA technique found that it was mostly in quadrants B where as price factor was in quadrants A, which needed to be improved immediately. When analyzing the sub-factors using IPA technique found that the sub-factor was mostly in quadrants B whereas the sub-factors in repairing standard tank cars and color, the fair price of car parts, and service evaluation including informing information regularly were in quadrants A, which means that those sub-factors were significant, yet the costumers were not satisfied. Therefore, Toyota Lanna Company Limited. should improve immediately.
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