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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2018Antibody biosensors for the measurement and characterization of soluble CD147 moleculesWitida Laopajon; Nuchjira Takheaw; Saichit Khummuang; Tanyaluck Kampoun; Kantinan Cheunsirikulchai; Watchara Kasinrerk; Supansa Pata
17-Aug-2011Association of CD99 short and long forms with MHC class I, MHC class II and tetraspanin CD81 and recruitment into immunological synapsesSupansa Pata; Pavel Otáhal; Tomáš Brdikča; Witida Laopajon; Kodchakorn Mahasongkram; Watchara Kasinrerk
30-Jul-2019Characterization and functional analysis of novel circulating NK cell sub-populationsSaichit Khummuang; Kantinan Chuensirikulchai; Supansa Pata; Witida Laopajon; Nuttapol Chruewkamlow; Kodchakorn Mahasongkram; Nobuo Sugiura; Hideto Watanabe; Hiroaki Tateno; Ludthawun Kamuthachad; Surasakdi Wongratanacheewin; Nuchjira Takheaw; Watchara Kasinrerk
1-Jan-2020Comparative evaluation of physicochemical properties of Lingzhi (Ganoderma lucidum) as affected by drying conditions and extraction methodsTreethip Chuensun; Teera Chewonarin; Witida Laopajon; Arthitaya Kawee-ai; Ponjan Pinpart; Niramon Utama-ang
1-Jan-2022Comparison of three monocyte depletion techniques for lymphocyte isolation from peripheral blood mononuclear cellPassaworn Cheyasawan; Nuchjira Takheaw; Supansa Pata; Watchara Kasinrerk; Kantinan Chuensirikulchai; Witida Laopajon
19-Nov-2012A drug discovery platform: A simplified immunoassay for analyzing HIV protease activityKuntida Kitidee; Sawitree Nangola; Sudarat Hadpech; Witida Laopajon; Watchara Kasinrerk; Chatchai Tayapiwatana
1-Jun-2017Exploitation of human CD99 expressing mouse myeloma cells as immunogen for production of mouse specific polyclonal antibodiesNuchjira Takheaw; Witida Laopajon; Kantinan Chuensirikulchai; Watchara Kasinrerk; Supansa Pata
1-Jan-2019Impact of the detection of ζ-globin chains and hemoglobin Bart's using immunochromatographic strip tests for α0-thalassemia (-SEA) differential diagnosisSupansa Pata; Witida Laopajon; Matawee Pongpaiboon; Weeraya Thongkum; Nattapong Polpong; Thongperm Munkongdee; Kittiphong Paiboonsukwong; Suthat Fucharoen; Chatchai Tayapiwatana; Watchara Kasinrerk
1-May-2019Interaction of CD99 and its ligand upregulates IL-6 and TNF-α upon T cell activationNuchjira Takheaw; Papawadee Earwong; Witida Laopajon; Supansa Pata; Watchara Kasinrerk
1-Jun-2018Ligation of Na, K ATPase β3 subunit on monocytes by a specific monoclonal antibody mediates T cell hypofunctionNuchjira Takheaw; Witida Laopajon; Sirirat Surinkaew; Saichit Khummuang; Supansa Pata; Watchara Kasinrerk
4-May-2018A modified sandwich ELISA for accurate measurement of HbF in α-thalassemia carriers containing Hb Bart’s and Hb Portland 1Sasiwan Kerdpoo; Witida Laopajon; Watchara Kasinrerk; Supansa Pata; Thanusak Tatu
1-Jan-2018Overexpression of ADAM9 in oral squamous cell carcinomaPattaramon Tanasubsinn; Win Pa Pa Aung; Supansa Pata; Witida Laopajon; Anupong Makeudom; Thanapat Sastraruji; Watchara Kasinrerk; Suttichai Krisanaprakornkit
1-Dec-2020The presence of membrane bound CD99 ligands on leukocyte surfaceNuchjira Takheaw; Supansa Pata; Witida Laopajon; Sittiruk Roytrakul; Watchara Kasinrerk
8-Nov-2017Production of Monoclonal Antibodies against Human Trefoil Factor 3 and Development of a Modified-Sandwich ELISA for Detection of Trefoil Factor 3 Homodimer in SalivaSaichit Khummuang; Waraporn Phanphrom; Witida Laopajon; Watchara Kasinrerk; Ponlatham Chaiyarit; Supansa Pata
1-Jan-2019Sandwich antibody-based biosensor system for identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex and nontuberculous mycobacteriaKantinan Chuensirikulchai; Witida Laopajon; Ponrut Phunpae; Napaporn Apiratmateekul; Sirirat Surinkaew; Chatchai Tayapiwatana; Supansa Pata; Watchara Kasinrerk
2-Sep-2016Simultaneous flow cytometric measurement of antigen attachment to phagocytes and phagocytosisWitida Laopajon; Nuchjira Takheaw; Watchara Kasinrerk; Supansa Pata
1-Jan-2018Triggering of CD99 on monocytes by a specific monoclonal antibody regulates T cell activationWitida Laopajon; Supansa Pata; Nuchjira Takheaw; Sirirat Surinkaew; Saichit Khummuang; Watchara Kasinrerk
1-May-2015β3 subunit of Na,K ATPase regulates T cell activation with no involvement of Na,K ATPase activityNuttapol Chruewkamlow; Supansa Pata; Kodchakorn Mahasongkram; Witida Laopajon; Watchara Kasinrerk; Sawitree Chiampanichayakul