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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Aug-2008Aliphatic dithiocarboxylic acids: New adsorbates for soft lithographic patterningTai Chou Lee; Pei Chun Chen; Ting Ying Lai; Wirote Tuntiwechapikul; Jun Hyun Kim; T. Randall Lee
1-Jan-2009Anticancer activities of Styrylpyrone from the Leaves and Twigs of Goniothalamus maewongensis via cell cycle arrestPradit Pradupsri; Chatchanok Loetchutinat; Narong Nuntasaen; Puttinan Meepowpan; Wirote Tuntiwechapikul; Wilart Pompimon
15-Jun-2009Application of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to Hb Bart's for the detection of α thalassemiasLuksana Makonkawkeyoon; Somphon Pharephan; Wirote Tuntiwechapikul; Sanit Makonkawkeyoon
1-Apr-2012Aristolactam-type alkaloids from orophea enterocarpa and their cytotoxicitiesSanchai Nayyatip; Pak Thaichana; Mongkol Buayairaksa; Wirote Tuntiwechapikul; Puttinan Meepowpan; Narong Nuntasaen; Wilart Pompimon
1-Feb-2010Development of an ELISA strip for the detection of α thalassemiasLuksana Makonkawkeyoon; Somphon Pharephan; Pannee Sirivatanapa; Wirote Tuntiwechapikul; Sanit Makonkawkeyoon
1-Jan-2010Ginger extract inhibits human telomerase reverse transcriptase and c-Myc expression in A549 lung cancer cells.Wirote Tuntiwechapikul; Thanachai Taka; Chonnipa Songsomboon; Navakoon Kaewtunjai; Arisa Imsumran; Luksana Makonkawkeyoon; Wilart Pompimon; T. Randall Lee
1-Aug-2006The influence of pH on the G-quadruplex binding selectivity of perylene derivativesWirote Tuntiwechapikul; Thanachai Taka; Mathilde Béthencourt; Luksana Makonkawkeyoon; T. Randall Lee
1-Mar-2016Prevalence of α-thalassaemia genotypes in pregnant women in northern ThailandSomphon Pharephan; Pannee Sirivatanapa; Sanit Makonkawkeyoon; Wirote Tuntiwechapikul; Luksana Makonkawkeyoon
30-Sep-2018Short telomere length as a biomarker risk of lung cancer development induced by high radon levels: A pilot studyNarongchai Autsavapromporn; Pitchayaponne Klunklin; Chalat Threeratana; Wirote Tuntiwechapikul; Masahiro Hosoda; Shinji Tokonami
1-Jan-2019Telomerase inhibition, telomere shortening, and cellular uptake of the perylene derivatives PM2 and PIPER in prostate cancer cellsNavakoon Kaewtunjai; Ratasark Summart; Ariyaphong Wongnoppavich; Bannakij Lojanapiwat; T. Randall Lee; Wirote Tuntiwechapikul
15-Feb-2013Telomere shortening and cell senescence induced by perylene derivatives in A549 human lung cancer cellsThanachai Taka; Liming Huang; Ariyaphong Wongnoppavich; Suk Wah Tam-Chang; T. Randall Lee; Wirote Tuntiwechapikul