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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2010Beneficial effects of 2 years of administration of parenteral testosterone undecanoate on the metabolic syndrome and on non-alcoholic liver steatosis and C-reactive proteinAhmad Haider; Louis J.G. Gooren; Pawin Padungtod; Farid Saad; Farid Saad; Farid Saad
1-Jan-2005Campylobacter in food animals and humans in northern ThailandPawin Padungtod; John B. Kaneene
1-May-2011Class 1 integrons and virulence genes in Salmonella enterica isolates from pork and humansWechsiri Wannaprasat; Pawin Padungtod; Rungtip Chuanchuen
1-Aug-2010A cross-sectional study of salmonella in pork products in Chiang Mai, ThailandArsooth Sanguankiat; Renu Pinthong; Pawin Padungtod; Maximilian P O Baumann; Karl Hans Zessin; Lertrak Srikitjakarn; Reinhard Fries
1-Jan-2016Genetic and immunological evidences of Borrelia Burgdorferi in dog in ThailandNattawooti Sthitmatee; Wanna Jinawan; Nawaporn Jaisan; Weerapongse Tangjitjaroen; Sasisophin Chailangkarn; Chollada Sodarat; Monaya Ekgatat; Pawin Padungtod
1-Dec-2017Genetic Similarity Using MLST Amongst Campylobacter jejuni Isolates from Children with Diarrhea Symptoms and BroilersBhunikar Wongbundit; Pawin Padungtod; Kannika Na Lampang; Takuo Sawada; Nattawooti Sthitmatee
1-Nov-2010Incidence and presence of virulence factors of streptococcus suis infection in slaughtered pigs from chiang Mai, ThailandPawin Padungtod; Prasit Tharavichitkul; Supansa Junya; Warangkhana Chaisowong; Mutsuyo Kadohira; Souichi Makino; Nattawooti Sthitmatee
1-Sep-2008Livestock production and foodborne diseases from food animals in ThailandPawin Padungtod; Mutsuyo Kadohira; Glen Hill
1-Sep-2007Occurrence of QACE/QACEΔ1 genes and their correlation with class 1 integrons in Salmonella enterica isolates from poultry and swineRungtip Chuanchuen; Sirintip Khemtong; Pawin Padungtod
2014Prevalence and antimicrobial resistance of salmonella serovars in chicken farm, Chiang Mai and Lamphun province, Northern of ThailandKannika Na Lampang; Sasisophin Chailangkarn; Pawin Padungtod
1-Nov-2008Prevalence of Salmonella in marketed Penaeus monodon shrimps in North Western Province, Sri LankaJ. Kamalika H. Ubeyratne; Josef Kleen; Goetz Hildebrandt; Reinhard Fries; Rutch Khattiya; Pawin Padungtod; Maximilian P.O. Baumann; Karl Hans Zessin
1-Jan-2006Prevalence of Salmonella in retail chicken meat in Hanoi, VietnamLuu Quynh Huong; Reinhard Fries; Pawin Padungtod; Tran Thi Hanh; Moses N. Kyule; Maximilian P.O. Baumann; Karl H. Zessin
1-May-2006Salmonella in food animals and humans in northern ThailandPawin Padungtod; John B. Kaneene
1-Jan-2006Seroprevalence and risk factors associated with leptospirosis in dogsTongkorn Meeyam; Penporn Tablerk; Boonyaporn Petchanok; Duangporn Pichpol; Pawin Padungtod
1-Jan-2005Serotypes and antimicrobial resistance of Campylobacter jejuni isolated from humans and animals in ThailandSumalee Boonmar; Leelaowadee Sangsuk; Karun Suthivarakom; Pawin Padungtod; Yukio Morita
1-Jan-2007Serotypes, antimicrobial susceptibility, and gyr A gene mutation of Campylobacter jejuni isolates from humans and chickens in ThailandSumalee Boonmar; Yukio Morita; Masahiro Fujita; Leelaowadee Sangsuk; Karun Suthivarakom; Pawin Padungtod; Soichi Maruyama; Hidenori Kabeya; Masahiko Kato; Kunihisa Kozawa; Shigeki Yamamoto; Hirokazu Kimura
1-Jun-2008Susceptibilities to antimicrobials and disinfectants in Salmonella isolates obtained from poultry and swine in ThailandRungtip Chuanchuen; Pornpen Pathanasophon; Sirintip Khemtong; Wechsiri Wannaprasat; Pawin Padungtod
1-Dec-2011Widespread presence of dfrA12 and its association with dfrA12-aadA2 cassette in Salmonella enterica isolates from swinePawin Padungtod; Chanwit Tribuddharat; Rungtip Chuanchuen