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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Apr-2019Designing a questionnaire for english teachers, morejoy education, Chongqing, China to figure out teachers' need of trainingManissaward Jintapitak; Deng Meini
22-Jan-2019Develop a Communities of Practice Supported Training Process for English Teachers, Morejoy Education Training Center, Chongqing, ChinaDeng Meini; Manissaward Jintapitak
1-Feb-2017Gingerbread and teak house heritage studies: Phrae, Northern ThailandManissaward Jintapitak; Nantanat Jintapitak
1-Jan-2022Improving the Customer Acquisition Ability for a Plastic Surgery Hospital by Multi Business Model AnalysisFeng Yue; Manissaward Jintapitak
1-Jan-2017Learning environment management for total language immersion in the classroom: A case study of thai education developmentManissaward Jintapitak; Nopasit Chakpitak; Pradorn Sureepong; Olarn Chaipravat
16-Feb-2018An organization learning with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®Vimolboon Cherapanukorn; Manissaward Jintapitak
1-Jan-2022Project-Based Learning (PjBL) to Enhance student's Competencies via 'Stay Safe and Stay Healthy' ProjectManissaward Jintapitak
1-Jan-2017The story of ginger bread heritage house: Phrae, Northern ThailandManissaward Jintapitak; Nantanat Jintapitak
8-Jun-2018Use of animation characters to motivate students in a higher education classManissaward Jintapitak
1-Aug-2016The use of constructionism to improve english understanding and speaking skills of rural students in ThailandManissaward Jintapitak; Nopasit Chakpitak; Olarn Chaipravat