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Title: Improving the Customer Acquisition Ability for a Plastic Surgery Hospital by Multi Business Model Analysis
Authors: Feng Yue
Manissaward Jintapitak
Keywords: Arts and Humanities
Computer Science
Decision Sciences
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2022
Abstract: The aesthetic medicine industry has developed rapidly in China in recent years. The number of plastic surgery hospitals in China also increases year by year. It has also led to fierce competition between different plastic surgery hospitals. To acquire new customers and maintain a good relationship with customers has become very urgent. In this study, Multi Business Models have been used to analyze a surgery plastic hospital. Based on this theory, this hospital was analyzed from seven dimensions. They are Value Proposition, Customers and Users, Value chain function, Competencies, Network, Value Formula, Relations. This study has used the interview for the qualitative research. From the consultation with the expert, the conclusion is that this hospital ignores the vast market share of males in the aesthetic medicine industry. At the same time, this hospital lacks social media to contact customers. Therefore, this study provides suggestions for this hospital and other plastic surgery hospitals in China. That is paying more attention to male customers in the plastic surgery market as well as the use of social media.
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