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Title: Use of animation characters to motivate students in a higher education class
Authors: Manissaward Jintapitak
Keywords: Arts and Humanities
Computer Science
Issue Date: 8-Jun-2018
Abstract: © 2018 IEEE. Degree of students' comprehension in the class lesson is based on a variety of disciplines. In modern life and animation, characters and examples of animations can be employed as class facilities to boost the students' interest and perception. A survey of students' preferences and opinions is a simple guideline in preparing suitable learning materials which perfectly meet students' interests. Starting from what they are used to can make it easy to expand the scope of the study to more difficult areas. The students will discuss and use the knowledge they share in the classroom. Characters and animation play an active role as a tool to introduce a wide range of disciplines and enhances a broader understanding of education. At the end of this semester, students showed a high level in academic performance. Additionally, in academic performance evaluation, the students stated that the subject was in the highest level as 97.92 percentile in usage of teaching media to help the students understand the lessons. It can be concluded that animated characters are effective medium to stimulate comprehension and positive attitudes of students in a class in higher education in different dimensions. Animation characters can be potentially used as a tool for instructors to bring students into the world of animation industry including the process of its production and to learn in which extent the students are familiar with the characters, their background of the discipline. Moreover, when the students are from a variety of interests' especially academic backgrounds, the samples can be adapted to suit each of them. The good point of this is when they have a group discussion; their wide ranges of experiences are shown. This helps blur the border of each discipline and form new broader knowledge, which is an important feature of information in the 21st Century.
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