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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2013Micellar liquid chromatographic determination of arbutin and hydroquinone in medicinal plant extracts and commercial cosmetic productsW. Thogchai; B. Liawruangrath
1-Jul-2013Ferric iron uptake into cardiomyocytes of β-thalassemic mice is not through calcium channelsSirinart Kumfu; Siriporn Chattipakorn; Suthat Fucharoen; Nipon Chattipakorn
1-Apr-2013Melanogenesis of methyl myristate loaded niosomes in B16F10 melanoma cellsAranya Manosroi; Puxvadee Chaikul; Masahiko Abe; Worapaka Manosroi; Jiradej Manosroi
1-Jun-2011Cellular uptake enhancement of Tat-GFP fusion protein loaded in elastic niosomesAranya Manosroi; Warangkana Lohcharoenkal; Friedrich Götz; Rolf G. Werner; Worapaka Manosroi; Jiradej Manosroi
1-Apr-2011Chemical stability and cytotoxicity of human insulin loaded in cationic DPPC/CTA/DDAB liposomesAranya Manosroi; Narinthorn Khositsuntiwong; Chonlada Komno; Worapaka Manosroi; Rolf G. Werner; Jiradej Manosoi
1-Aug-2011Utilizing hydroglycolic extract from myrobalan fruits to counteract reactive oxygen speciesMalyn Chulasiri; P. Wanaswas; D. Sriaum; S. Nakamat; Y. Wongkrajang; B. Kongsaktrakoon; S. Phornchirasilp; S. Songchitsomboon; D. Leelarungrayub
1-Oct-2011Free radical scavenging and tyrosinase inhibition activity of physic nut (jatropha curcas linn.) seed oil entrapped in niosomesAranya Manosroi; Korawinwich Boonpisuttinant; Supanida Winitchai; Worapaka Manosroi; Jiradej Manosroi
2-Apr-2012No evidence for the in vivo induction of genomic instability by low doses of<sup>137</sup>Cs gamma rays in bone marrow cells of BALB/cJ and C57BL/6J MICEKanokporn Noy Rithidech; Chatchanok Udomtanakunchai; Louise M. Honikel; Elbert B. Whorton
1-Apr-2010Clinical efficacy comparison of anti-wrinkle cosmetics containing herbal flavonoidsP. Chuarienthong; N. Lourith; P. Leelapornpisid
1-Jan-2010Skin improvement and stability of Echinacea purpurea dermatological formulationsS. Yotsawimonwat; J. Rattanadechsakul; P. Rattanadechsakul; S. Okonogi