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dc.contributor.authorNath Adulkasemen_US
dc.contributor.authorPhichayut Phinyoen_US
dc.contributor.authorJiraporn Khoranaen_US
dc.contributor.authorDumnoensun Pruksakornen_US
dc.contributor.authorTheerachai Apivatthakakulen_US
dc.description.abstractRestoration of ambulatory status is considered a primary treatment goal for older patients with intertrochanteric fractures. Several surgical-related parameters were reported to be associated with mechanical failure without focusing on the functional outcomes. Our study examines the roles of both clinical and surgical parameters as prognostic factors on 1-year postoperative ambulatory outcomes, reaching a good functional outcome (the New Mobility Score: NMS ≥ 5) and returning to preinjury functional status at one year, of older patients with intertrochanteric fracture. Intertrochanteric fractures patients age ≥65 years who underwent surgical treatment at our institute between January 2017 and February 2020 were included. Of 209 patients included, 149 (71.3%) showed a good functional outcome at one year. The pre-injury ambulatory status (OR 52.72, 95%CI 5.19–535.77, p = 0.001), BMI <23 kg/m2 (OR 3.14, 95%CI 1.21–8.13, p = 0.018), Hb ≥10 g/dL (OR 3.26, 95%CI 1.11–9.57, p = 0.031), and NMS at discharge ≥2 (OR 8.50, 95%CI 3.33–21.70, p < 0.001) were identified as independent predictors for reaching a good postoperative functional outcome. Only aged ≤80 (OR 2.34, 95%CI 1.11–4.93, p = 0.025) and NMS at discharge ≥2 (OR 6.27, 95%CI 2.75–14.32, p < 0.001) were significantly associated with an ability to return to preinjury function. To improve postoperative ambulatory status, orthopedic surgeons should focus more on modifying factors, such as maintaining the preoperative hemoglobin ≥10 g/dL and providing adequate postoperative ambulation training to maximize the patients’ capability upon discharge. While surgical parameters were not identified as predictors, they can still be used as guidance to optimize the operation quality.en_US
dc.subjectEnvironmental Scienceen_US
dc.titlePrognostic factors of 1-year postoperative functional outcomes of older patients with intertrochanteric fractures in thailand: A retrospective cohort studyen_US
article.title.sourcetitleInternational Journal of Environmental Research and Public Healthen_US
article.volume18en_US Mai Universityen_US
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