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dc.contributor.authorHsien Hua Liaoen_US
dc.contributor.authorSun Long Chengen_US
dc.contributor.authorPei Wei Shuengen_US
dc.contributor.authorHsi Chieh Leeen_US
dc.contributor.authorChalong Cheewakriangkraien_US
dc.contributor.authorChi Chang Changen_US
dc.description.abstract© 2017 The authors and IOS Press. All rights reserved. Often, clinical decision making of reconstructive procedure is coupled and their concurrent resolution by interacting stakeholders is required. This study was to give new insight into the tradeoff method to elicit the utility function first and then the probability weighting function, to determine if and how stakeholder engagement can contribute to managing decisional conflict processes. The proposed methodology is illustrated through three subjects (physician, patient and family member). We found that significant evidence of probability weighting both at the aggregate level and at the individual subject level. The pattern of probability weights is consistent with an inverse shaped probability weighting function: Small probabilities are overweighed and intermediate and large probabilities are underweight. In addition, the degree of upper subadditivity exceeds the degree of lower subadditivity. Finally, the proposed procedure can reduce clinical risk by considering stakeholders' behavior attribute and providing physicians the effective support need for quality decision making.en_US
dc.subjectHealth Professionsen_US
dc.titleDecisional conflict in work-related hand trauma patientsen_US
dc.typeBook Seriesen_US
article.title.sourcetitleStudies in Health Technology and Informaticsen_US
article.volume238en_US Shan Medical University Hospitalen_US Shan Medical Universityen_US Eastern Memorial Hospital Taiwanen_US Yang-Ming University Taiwanen_US General Hospital Taiwanen_US Kinmen (Quemoy) Universityen_US Mai Universityen_US
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