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dc.description.abstract© School of Science 2017. Knowledge of the relationships and thus the classification of fungi, has developed rapidly with increasingly widespread use of molecular techniques, over the past 10-15 years, and continues to accelerate. Several genera have been found to be polyphyletic, and their generic concepts have subsequently been emended. New names have thus been introduced for species which are phylogenetically distinct from the type species of particular genera. The ending of the separate naming of morphs of the same species in 2011, has also caused changes in fungal generic names. In order to facilitate access to all important changes, it was desirable to compile these in a single document. The present article provides a list of generic names of Ascomycota (approximately 6500 accepted names published to the end of 2016), including those which are lichen-forming. Notes and summaries of the changes since the last edition of ‘Ainsworth & Bisby’s Dictionary of the Fungi’ in 2008 are provided. The notes include the number of accepted species, classification, type species (with location of the type material), culture availability, life-styles, distribution, and selected publications that have appeared since 2008. This work is intended to provide the foundation for updating the ascomycete component of the “Without prejudice list of generic names of Fungi” published in 2013, which will be developed into a list of protected generic names. This will be subjected to the XIXth International Botanical Congress in Shenzhen in July 2017 agreeing to a modification in the rules relating to protected lists, and scrutiny by procedures determined by the Nomenclature Committee for Fungi (NCF). The previously invalidly published generic names Barriopsis, Collophora (as Collophorina), Cryomyces, Dematiopleospora, Heterospora (as Heterosporicola), Lithophila, Palmomyces (as Palmaria) and Saxomyces are validated, as are two previously invalid family names, Bartaliniaceae and Wiesneriomycetaceae. Four species of Lalaria, which were invalidly published are transferred to Taphrina and validated as new combinations. Catenomycopsis Tibell & Constant. is reduced under Chaenothecopsis Vain., while Dichomera Cooke is reduced under Botryosphaeria Ces. & De Not. (Art. 59).en_US
dc.subjectAgricultural and Biological Sciencesen_US
dc.subjectEnvironmental Scienceen_US
dc.titleNotes for genera: Ascomycotaen_US
article.title.sourcetitleFungal Diversityen_US
article.volume86en_US Institute of Botany Chinese Academy of Sciencesen_US Fah Luang Universityen_US Agroforestry Centreen_US Research Foundationen_US Research Instituteen_US Botanic Gardens, Kewen_US Natural History Museum, Londonen_US Agricultural Universityen_US Mayoren_US Halle-Wittenbergen_US Fungal Biodiversity Instituteen_US Gdanskien_US Garden and Botanical Museum Berlinen_US ARS National Center for Agricultural Utilization Researchen_US Sammlung von Mikroorganismen und Zellkulturen GmbHen_US Universityen_US Herbariumen_US Museum of Natural Historyen_US i Osloen_US Garden Meiseen_US of Biologyen_US de Ciencias, Universidade de Lisboaen_US Academic Center for Education, Culture and Researchen_US degli Studi della Tuscia Viterboen_US of Fundamental Studies Kandyen_US National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnologyen_US de Investigaciones Fundamentales en Agricultura Tropical "Alejandro de Humboldt"en_US Saud University College of Scienceen_US Taiwan Ocean Universityen_US Universityen_US Normal Universityen_US of Microbiology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republicen_US Institute of Oceanography Indiaen_US Institute of Ecologyen_US Qaboos Universityen_US Academy of Agricultural Sciencesen_US Trobe Universityen_US University of North Carolina at Greensboroen_US Rajabhat Universityen_US Federal de Sergipeen_US - Real Jardin Botanico (RJB)en_US Estadual de Feira de Santanaen_US Scientific Center of the East Asia Terrestrial Biodiversity, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciencesen_US of Southern Queenslanden_US Rey Juan Carlosen_US riksmuseeten_US of Ilorinen_US Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Womenen_US of Science and Culture, Tehranen_US of Tehranen_US Forestry Universityen_US Egyetem Termeszettudomanyi es Technologiai Karen_US Biotech Science Clusteren_US Universityen_US Universityen_US Staatssammlung Münchenen_US Mai Universityen_US University of Sri Lankaen_US Universityen_US Universityen_US de La Lagunaaen_US of Mauritiusen_US de Ecologia, A.C.en_US
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