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dc.contributor.authorCholaros Charoenratanaen_US
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dc.contributor.authorTheera Tongsongen_US
dc.description.abstract© 2015 John Wiley & Sons Ltd This study aimed to assess the iodine status of pregnant women in each trimester and to compare the pregnancy outcomes between groups with iodine insufficiency and iodine sufficiency. Longitudinal study on urinary iodine concentration (UIC) in each trimester as well as comparison between women with iodine insufficiency (<150 mcg L−1) and iodine sufficiency was conducted. Pregnant women without thyroid diseases who had not received iodine supplementation were recruited for UIC measurements in each trimester and were followed up for pregnancy outcomes. In the analysis of 384, 325 and 221 samples in the first, second and third trimester, the medians of UICs were 147.39, 157.01 and 153.07 mcg L−1, respectively. Of 399 women, 174 (43.6%) had a UIC less than 150 mcg L−1(suggesting iodine insufficiency) and 225 (56.4%) had a UIC greater than or equal to 150 mcg L−1(suggesting iodine sufficiency). Of 390 women with availability of the final outcomes, 171 and 219 in the insufficiency and sufficiency group, respectively, the rates of preterm birth and low birthweight were significantly higher in the insufficiency group, 17.5% vs. 10.0% (P = 0.031) and 19.9% vs. 12.3% (P = 0.042), respectively. Logistic regression analysis showed that iodine status was an independent risk of preterm birth and low birthweight. Finally, women with a UIC <100 mcg L−1had a significantly higher rate of fetal growth restriction, 13/68 vs. 30/322 (P = 0.031). In northern Thailand, a great number of pregnant women had a median UIC less than 150 mcg L−1and they had a higher risk of preterm birth and low birthweight. Finally, those with a median UIC of less than 100 mcg L−1had a higher risk of fetal growth restriction.en_US
dc.titleMaternal iodine insufficiency and adverse pregnancy outcomesen_US
article.title.sourcetitleMaternal and Child Nutritionen_US
article.volume12en_US Mai Universityen_US
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