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Title: การวิจัยเชิงปฏิบัติการแบบร่วมมือของครูในกระบวนการพัฒนาการคิดอย่างมีวิจารณญาณของนักเรียนชั้นมัธยมศึกษาปีที่ 1 โรงเรียนบ้านขุนแปะอำเภอจอมทอง จังหวัดเชียงใหม่
Other Titles: Teacher Collaborative Action Research in the Process of Developing Critical Thinking Among Mathayom Suksa 1 Students at Ban Khunpae School, Chom Tong District, Chiang Mai Province
Authors: บุบผา อนันต์สุชาติกุล
ปิยะฉัตร นันธิสิงห์
Keywords: การวิจัยเชิงปฏิบัติการ
Issue Date: Jul-2557
Publisher: เชียงใหม่ : บัณฑิตวิทยาลัย มหาวิทยาลัยเชียงใหม่
Abstract: The research was conducted in order to study the process of the action research of the teacher for developing learning activities which are emphasized on critical thinking in 3 divisions: 1) Lesson plan development which is focused on critical thinking 2) The use of lesson plan for developing critical thinking 3) Teachers co-operation in sharing ideas and development of designing learning activities through helping among teachers and study the result of the critical thinking development of MathayomSuksa 1 students of Ban Khunpae School, Chom Tong District, Chiang Mai Province in 2 divisions; 1) The level of critical thinking 2) The learning achievement in each subject. This research is a co-operative action research. The experimental groups are 5 teachers and 18 of MathayomSuksa 1 in 1st semester 2014. There are 2 parts of teacher collaborative action research in the process of developing critical thinking; Part 1: The co-operation of action researchThereare 3 periods of time - Period 1: Basic preparation - includes activities of seeking for co-operation, analyzing the cause of the problem, and promoting participants’ potentiality - Period2: Try out - includes activities of making the learning plan (Plan), managing the learning & teaching (Act & Observe) - Period3: Evaluation Part 2: Activities for developing the teachers operation; - Analyze the cause of the problem. - Have a vision discussion. - Encourage the researcher stability, in order to share ideas and experiences and fulfill how to do the research. - Designing lesson plans including teaching, observing and reflection. The research instruments are; - The record of attending the research - The record of co-operation - The record of meeting - The critical thinking skill test - The test of learning achievement of 5 subjects - The record of reflection by analyzing information from documents or analyzing content The findings are; -The action research by teacher co-operation can encourage team work. The belief in team workers from co-operation in planning, action of learning & teaching,supervision, learning exchange, and reflection can enhance sharing experiences and attitudes. All researchers have an opportunity to share and help each other. All researchers have an equal role in this action research. The outcome from co-operation with willing and full potential by using the principle of true friend in helping each other: -For students, the action research helps in learning atmosphere. For student development, it helps in developing students critical thinking. The director, teachers, and parents have the essential role in developing student critical thinking by using the integrated activities. The student can learn by noticing ,recording, presenting, questioning, answering, finding answers, integration, discussion, experiment, and summarizing through group activity. It is indicated that promoting students’ critical thinking by doing helps students to have critical thinking at good level. They are encourage in problem definition, think and analyze the information, create the hypothesis, and summarize reasonably. We also found that the student achievement in 5 subjects is satisfactory. More than this, the action research can also help in student learning through several ways; autonomous learning and group activity. It helps to encourage students’ attention. They have fun with their studying, pleased with doing activities, fun with thinking, excited to learn in the real situation, proud with their complete tasks, like the learning activities. The learning activities are not boring. These also help students to have more self-confidence.
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