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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-20223D measurement of clavicular and scapular orientations: The association with clinical characteristics and responsiveness to scapular repositioning in patients with neck painNipaporn Wannaprom; Gwendolen Jull; Julia Treleaven; Martin B. Warner; Teerawat Kamnardsiri; Sureeporn Uthaikhup
1-Sep-2020Beneficial effects of interactive physical-cognitive game-based training on fall risk and cognitive performance of older adultsKochaphan Phirom; Teerawat Kamnardsiri; Somporn Sungkarat
1-Sep-2022Clavicular and scapular, but not spinal kinematics vary with scapular dyskinesis type during arm elevation and lowering in persons with neck painNipaporn Wannaprom; Gwendolen Jull; Julia Treleaven; Martin B. Warner; Teerawat Kamnardsiri; Sureeporn Uthaikhup
1-Feb-2019Cognitive and visual demands, but not gross motor demand, of concurrent smartphone use affect laboratory and free-living gait among young and older adultsPaphawee Prupetkaew; Vipul Lugade; Teerawat Kamnardsiri; Patima Silsupadol
1-Jan-2016Designing a sign language intelligent game-based learning framework with kinectTeerawat Kamnardsiri; Ler On Hongsit; Noppon Wongta
1-Jan-2017Designing of a game-based learning framework for training pharmacy studentsTeerawat Kamnardsiri; Tansita Somwayakath; Pantira Leungtanawat; Pattaraporn Khuwuthyakorn; Orawit Thinnukool; Purida Wientong
16-Sep-2019The development of a gait speed detection system for older adults using video-based processingTeerawat Kamnardsiri; Pattaraporn Khuwuthyakorn; Sirinun Boripuntakul
1-Jan-2016The development of an intelligent game-based system for learning sign language with kinectTeerawat Kamnardsiri; Ler on Hongsit; Pattaraporn Khuwuthyakorn; Noppon Wongta
1-Jan-2017The effectiveness of the game-based learning system for the improvement of American Sign Language using kinectTeerawat Kamnardsiri; Ler On Hongsit; Pattaraporn Khuwuthyakorn; Noppon Wongta
1-Jan-2017Framework of an interactive game-based balance training system for improving standing balance using the kinect sensorSirinun Boripuntakul; Teerawat Kamnardsiri; Krittiya Saksrisataporn
1-Jan-2015Framework of knowledge-based system for practising long jumpers using movement recognitionTeerawat Kamnardsiri; Worawit Janchai; Pattaraporn Khuwuthyakorn; Parinya Suwansrikham; Jakkrit Klaphajone; Permsak Suriyachan
1-Oct-2021An interactive physical-cognitive game-based training system using kinect for older adults: Development and usability studyTeerawat Kamnardsiri; Kochaphan Phirom; Sirinun Boripuntakul; Somporn Sungkarat
12-Feb-2021A Knowledge-Based Smart Trainer System for Transferring Knowledge From Coaches to Long Jump StudentsTeerawat Kamnardsiri; Pattaraporn Khuwuthyakorn; Sirinun Boripuntakul; Worawit Janchai
1-Jan-2022Reliability and validity of the Swaymeter for measuring the trunk control in children with spastic cerebral palsyArisa Parameyong; Sirinun Boripuntakul; Nuanlaor Thawinchai; Jitapa Chawawisuttikool; Teerawat Kamnardsiri
1-Jan-2019Requirement analysis to design the knowledge-based system for long jump coachingTeerawat Kamnardsiri; Worawit Janchai; Pattaraporn Khuwuthyakorn; Permsak Suriyachan; Wacharee Rittiwat
1-Apr-2020Smartphone-Based Assessment of Gait during Straight Walking, Turning, and Walking Speed Modulation in Laboratory and Free-Living EnvironmentsPatima Silsupadol; Paphawee Prupetkaew; Teerawat Kamnardsiri; Vipul Lugade
1-Oct-2018The validity and reliability of the Swaymeter for postural sway measurement in typically developing children aged between 7–12 yearsArisa Parameyong; Sirinun Boripuntakul; Teerawat Kamnardsiri; Jitapa Chawawisuttikool
17-Oct-2019Validity of a speed detection system for measuring gait speed in community-dwelling older adultsSirinun Boripuntakul; Prachaya Yawisit; Kanyapat Panjaroen; Kamolchanok Kormkaew; Teerawat Kamnardsiri