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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2020Adaptive Kinematic Mapping Based on Chebyshev Interpolation: Application to Flexure-Jointed Micromanipulator ControlThanagrid Chuthai; Matthew O.T. Cole; Theeraphong Wongratanaphisan; Pinyo Puangmali
1-Jan-2008Analysis of a gravity compensated four-bar linkage mechanism with linear spring suspensionTheeraphong Wongratanaphisan; Matthew O.T. Cole
23-Nov-2005Characteristics of a magnetically levitated flexible rotor when in contact with one or more auxiliary bearingsPatrick S. Keogh; Yuan Hui Seow; Matthew O.T. Cole
28-Apr-2020Controllability and actuator placement optimization for active damping of a thin rotating ring with piezo-patch transducersZiv Brand; Matthew O.T. Cole
1-Aug-2019Convolution-Based Input Shaping for Finite-Time Settling in Non-LTI Systems: An LTV ApproachMatthew O.T. Cole; Pongsiri Kuresangsai
1-Dec-2010Force feedback control for active stabilization of synchronous whirl orbits in rotor systems with non-linear stiffness elementsMatthew O.T. Cole; Chakkapong Chamroon; Prinya Ngamprapasom
1-Feb-2019Kinematic modeling and design optimization of flexure-jointed planar mechanisms using polynomial bases for flexure curvaturePongsiri Kuresangsai; Matthew O.T. Cole
1-Jan-2015Mechanical structure optimization in minimum-time motion control of flexible bodiesBoonruk Suchaitanawanit; Matthew O.T. Cole
1-Oct-2019Model and control system development for a distributed actuation magnetic bearing and thin-walled rotor subject to noncircularityChakkapong Chamroon; Matthew O.T. Cole; Wichaphon Fakkaew
1-Jul-2016Model-Based Analysis of Friction-Induced Subsynchronous Whirl for a Rotor Contacting With Clearance Bearings Under Axial LoadMatthew O.T. Cole; Lawrence Hawkins
1-Jul-2006On LMI-based optimization of vibration and stability in rotor system designMatthew O.T. Cole; Theeraphong Wongratanaphisan; Patrick S. Keogh
23-Nov-2005On LMI-based optimization of vibration and stability in rotor system designMatthew O.T. Cole; Theeraphong Wongratanaphisan; Patrick S. Keogh
8-Dec-2008On stability of rotordynamic systems with rotor-stator contact interactionMatthew O.T. Cole
1-Nov-2019On the vibrational dynamics of rotating thin-walled cylinders: A theoretical and experimental study utilizing active magnetic bearingsWichaphon Fakkaew; Matthew O.T. Cole; Chakkapong Chamroon
12-May-2009Robust impedance control of a flexible structure mounted manipulator performing contact tasksTheeraphong Wongratanaphisan; Matthew O.T. Cole
1-Feb-2020Sensorless stepwise breakthrough detection technique for safe surgical drilling of bonePinyo Puangmali; Somphop Jetdumronglerd; Theeraphong Wongratanaphisan; Matthew O.T. Cole
1-Jan-2020Structural vibration control using delayed state feedback via LMI approach: with application to chatter stability problemsPrapon Ruttanatri; Matthew O.T. Cole; Radom Pongvuthithum
1-May-2018Time-domain prefilter design for enhanced tracking and vibration suppression in machine motion controlMatthew O.T. Cole; Praween Shinonawanik; Theeraphong Wongratanaphisan
14-Nov-2006Traction characteristics of a rolling element bearing under rapid acceleration and implications for auxiliary operation in magnetic bearing systemsMatthew O.T. Cole; Theeraphong Wongratanaphisan
9-Jun-2018Vibration due to non-circularity of a rotating ring having discrete radial supports - With application to thin-walled rotor/magnetic bearing systemsWichaphon Fakkaew; Matthew O.T. Cole