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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Nov-2017Biodiversity, seasonal abundance, and distribution of blackflies (Diptera: Simuliidae) in six different regions of ThailandWichai Srisuka; Hiroyuki Takaoka; Yasushi Otsuka; Masako Fukuda; Sorawat Thongsahuan; Kritsana Taai; Atiporn Saeung
1-Jun-2021Community structure, biodiversity and spatiotemporal distribution of the black flies (Diptera: Simuliidae) using malaise traps on the highest mountain in thailandWichai Srisuka; Chayanit Sulin; Kittipat Aupalee; Thapanat Phankaen; Kritsana Taai; Sorawat Thongsahuan; Atiporn Saeung; Hiroyuki Takaoka
26-Mar-2016Comparative studies on the stenogamous and eurygamous behavior of eight Anopheles species of the hyrcanus group (Diptera: Culicidae) in ThailandAdulsak Wijit; Kritsana Taai; Watcharatip Dedkhad; Chayanit Hempolchom; Sorawat Thongsahuan; Wichai Srisuka; Yasushi Otsuka; Masako Fukuda; Atiporn Saeung
1-Nov-2013Development of a multiplex PCR assay for the identification of eight species members of the Thai Hyrcanus Group (Diptera: Culicidae)Chayanit Hempolchom; Yasushi Otsuka; Visut Baimai; Sorawat Thongsahuan; Atiporn Saeung; Kritsana Taai; Wichai Srisuka; Pradya Somboon; Wej Choochote
1-Sep-2013DNA barcoding for the identification of eight species members of the Thai Hyrcanus Group and investigation of their stenogamous behaviorAdulsak Wijit; Atiporn Saeung; Visut Baimai; Yasushi Otsuka; Sorawat Thongsahuan; Kritsana Taai; Wichai Srisuka; Siripan Songsawatkiat; Sriwatapron Sor-Suwan; Chayanit Hempolchom; Pradya Somboon; Wej Choochote
21-Feb-2017An effective method for the identification and separation of Anopheles minimus, the primary malaria vector in Thailand, and its sister species Anopheles harrisoni, with a comparison of their mating behaviorsKritsana Taai; Ralph E. Harbach; Kittipat Aupalee; Wichai Srisuka; Thippawan Yasanga; Yasushi Otsuka; Atiporn Saeung
1-Nov-2018Effects of cross-mating on susceptibility of synonymous mosquitoes, Anopheles paraliae and Anopheles lesteri to infection with nocturnally subperiodic Brugia malayiWatcharatip Dedkhad; Lyric C. Bartholomay; Bruce M. Christensen; Deepak Joshi; Kritsana Taai; Chayanit Hempolchom; Atiporn Saeung
1-Jan-2014Evidence to support a conspecific nature of allopatric cytological races of Anopheles nitidus (Diptera: Culicidae) in ThailandSiripan Songsawatkiat; Visut Baimai; Sorawat Thongsahuan; Yasushi Otsuka; Kritsana Taai; Chayanit Hempolchom; Wichai Srisuka; Petchaboon Poolphol; Wej Choochote; Atiporn Saeung; Igor Sharkhov
1-May-2013Genetic compatibility between Anopheles lesteri from Korea and Anopheles paraliae from Thailand.Kritsana Taai; Visut Baimai; Atiporn Saeung; Sorawat Thongsahuan; Gi Sik Min; Yasushi Otsuka; Mi Hyun Park; Masako Fukuda; Pradya Somboon; Wej Choochote
Nov-2014GENETICS OF Anopheles paraliaeDr. Atiporn Saeung; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Udom Chaithong; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pongsri Tippawangkosol; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Narissara Jariyapan; Asst. Prof. Dr. Anuluck Junkum; Kritsana Taai
1-Apr-2020Natural infections with larvae of Onchocercaspecies type I in the human-biting black fly, Simulium nigrogilvum (Diptera: Simuliidae), in western ThailandAtiporn Saeung; Wichai Srisuka; Kittipat Aupalee; Masako Fukuda; Yasushi Otsuka; Kritsana Taai; Wanchai Maleewong; Hiroyuki Takaoka
1-Dec-2017Natural Plasmodium vivax infections in Anopheles mosquitoes in a malaria endemic area of northeastern ThailandPetchaboon Poolphol; Ralph E. Harbach; Patchara Sriwichai; Kittipat Aupalee; Jetsumon Sattabongkot; Chalermpon Kumpitak; Wichai Srisuka; Kritsana Taai; Sorawat Thongsahuan; Rochana Phuackchantuck; Atiporn Saeung; Udom Chaithong
1-Feb-2022New Insights into Antimalarial Chemopreventive Activity of AntifolatesChatpong Pethrak; Navaporn Posayapisit; Jutharat Pengon; Nattida Suwanakitti; Atiporn Saeung; Molnipha Shorum; Kittipat Aupalee; Kritsana Taai; Yongyuth Yuthavong; Sumalee Kamchonwongpaisan; Natapong Jupatanakul
1-Jan-2014Nyctomyia biunguiculata, a new cavernicolous species of tribe Aedini (Diptera: Culicidae) from southern ThailandRalph E. Harbach; Kritsana Taai
1-Jul-2013Peritrophic matrix formation and Brugia malayi microfilaria invasion of the midgut of a susceptible vector, Ochlerotatus togoi (Diptera: Culicidae)Narissara Jariyapan; Atiporn Saeung; Nuchpicha Intakhan; Wetpisit Chanmol; Sriwatapron Sor-Suwan; Benjarat Phattanawiboon; Kritsana Taai; Wej Choochote
1-Jun-2019Proteomes of the female salivary glands of Simulium nigrogilvum and Simulium nodosum, the main human-biting black flies in ThailandChayanit Hempolchom; Onrapak Reamtong; Nitat Sookrung; Wichai Srisuka; Yuwaporn Sakolvaree; Wanpen Chaicumpa; Kritsana Taai; Watcharatip Dedkhad; Narissara Jariyapan; Hiroyuki Takaoka; Atiporn Saeung
1-Jan-2014Scanning electron microscopy of Anopheles hyrcanus group (Diptera: Culicidae) eggs in Thailand and an ultrastructural key for species identificationAtiporn Saeung; Chayanit Hempolchom; Thippawan Yasanga; Yasushi Otsuka; Sorawat Thongsahuan; Wichai Srisuka; Udom Chaithong; Kritsana Taai; Pradya Somboon; Wej Choochote
1-Jan-2017Scanning electron microscopy of antennal sensilla of the eight Anopheles species of the Hyrcanus Group (Diptera: Culicidae) in ThailandChayanit Hempolchom; Thippawan Yasanga; Adulsak Wijit; Kritsana Taai; Watcharatip Dedkhad; Wichai Srisuka; Sorawat Thongsahuan; Yasushi Otsuka; Hiroyuki Takaoka; Atiporn Saeung
1-Sep-2015Seasonal biodiversity of black flies (Diptera: Simuliidae) and evaluation of ecological factors influencing species distribution at Doi Pha Hom Pok National Park, ThailandWichai Srisuka; Hiroyuki Takaoka; Yasushi Otsuka; Masako Fukuda; Sorawat Thongsahuan; Kritsana Taai; Wej Choochote; Atiporn Saeung
8-Jan-2013Susceptibility of eight species members in the Anopheles hyrcanus group to nocturnally subperiodic Brugia malayiAtiporn Saeung; Chayanit Hempolchom; Visut Baimai; Sorawat Thongsahuan; Kritsana Taai; Narissara Jariyapan; Udom Chaithong; Wej Choochote