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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2015The influence of biocalcification on soil-cement interlocking block compressive strengthSada Yoosathaporn; Poon Tiangburanatham; Wasu Pathom-aree
10-Sep-2015Isolation and screening of biopolymer-degrading microorganisms from northern ThailandWatsana Penkhrue; Chartchai Khanongnuch; Kazuo Masaki; Wasu Pathom-aree; Winita Punyodom; Saisamorn Lumyong
1-Jan-2014Isolation of rhizospheric and roots endophytic actinomycetes from Leguminosae plant and their activities to inhibit soybean pathogen, Xanthomonas campestris pv. glycineRatchanee Mingma; Wasu Pathom-aree; Savitr Trakulnaleamsai; Arinthip Thamchaipenet; Kannika Duangmal
2017Mycorrhizal Spores Associated Lysobacter soli and Its Plant Growth Promoting ActivityKrisana Lasudee; Shinji Tokuyama; Saisamorn Lumyong; Wasu Pathom-aree
1-Oct-2017Optimization of mycodextran production from efficient fungal in submerged culturePhichamon Noisuwan; Goro Takata; Keiko Uechi; Chartchai Khanongnuch; Wasu Pathom-aree; Saisamorn Lumyong
2017Optimization of Mycodextran Production from Efficient Fungal in Submerged CulturePhichamon Noisuwan; Goro Takata; Keiko Uechi; Chartchai Khanongnuch; Wasu Pathom-aree; Saisamorn Lumyong
1-Mar-2019Potential of selected mangrove streptomyces as plant growth promoter and rice bakanae disease control agentWasu Pathom-aree; Satidaporn Kreawsa; Manita Kamjam; Shinji Tokuyama; Sada Yoosathaporn; Saisamorn Lumyong
2018Production of L-Lactic Acid by Thermotorelant Lactic Acid BacteriaNitaya Boontim; Chartchai Khanongnuch; Wasu Pathom-aree; Piyanuch Niamsup; Saisamorn Lumyong
20-Apr-2020Quantitative analysis of methane and glycolate production from microalgae using undiluted wastewater obtained from chicken-manure biogas digesterThoranit Moungmoon; Chatchawan Chaichana; Chayakorn Pumas; Wasu Pathom-aree; Khomsan Ruangrit; Jeeraporn Pekkoh
2015Selective Isolation of Cultivable Actinomycetes from Thai Coastal Marine SedimentPornpan Ruttanasutja"; Wasu Pathom-aree
1-Jan-2014Starchy effluent from rice noodle manufacturing process as feasible substrate for direct lactic acid production by Lactobacillus plantarum S21Apinun Kanpiengjai; Saisamorn Lumyong; Wasu Pathom-aree; Chartchai Khanongnuch
3-Jan-2015Streptomyces ferrugineus sp. nov., isolated from mangrove soil in ThailandChang Ying Ruan; Li Zhang; Wan Wan Ye; Xiu Chao Xie; Rattanaporn Srivibool; Kannika Duangmal; Wasu Pathom-aree; Zi Xin Deng; Kui Hong
1-Jul-2018Synergistic effect of co-culture of microalga and actinomycete in diluted chicken manure digestate for lipid productionBancha Kumsiri; Jeeraporn Pekkoh; Wasu Pathom-aree; Saisamorn Lumyong; Chayakorn Pumas
2019Use of the PCR-DGGE Technique to Determine theMicrobial Community in Anaerobic Activated Sludges from Biogas PlantsLadapa Kumdhitiahutsawakul; Dolruedee Jirachaisakdeacha; Patiroop Pholchan; Wasu Pathom-aree; Sakunnee Bovonsombut