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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019PIXE-measurement of Kα X-ray production cross sections for 1-MeV C<sup>+</sup>-ions in thick samples of Si, Fe, Cu and ZnC. Chaiwai; L. D. Yu; U. Tippawan
1-Dec-2007Precision measurements of the np scattering differential cross section in the intermediate energy regionP. Mermod; Jan Blomgren; L. Nilsson; S. Pomp; A. Öhrn; M. Österlund; A. Prokofiev; U. Tippawan
20-Oct-2017Preliminary application of tapered glass capillary microbeam in MeV-PIXE mapping of longan leaf for elemental concentration distribution analysisS. Natyanun; S. Unai; L. D. Yu; U. Tippawan; N. Pussadee
1-Jan-2006SCANDAL-a facility for elastic neutron scattering studies in the 50-130 MeV rangeJ. Blomgren; J. Klug; P. Mermod; L. Nilsson; S. Pomp; A. Öhrn; Michael Österlund; A. V. Prokofiev; U. Tippawan; J. F. Lecolley; F. R. Lecolley; N. Marie-Noury; I. Sagrado-Garcia; G. Ban; G. Iltiss; J. M. Fontbonne
15-Dec-2015A simple ion implanter for material modifications in agriculture and gemmologyS. Singkarat; A. Wijaikhum; D. Suwannakachorn; U. Tippawan; S. Intarasiri; D. Bootkul; B. Phanchaisri; J. Techarung; M. W. Rhodes; R. Suwankosum; S. Rattanarin; L. D. Yu
1-Jan-2011Study of pre-equilibrium emission of light complex particles from Fe and Bi induced by intermediate energy neutronsR. Bevilacqua; S. Pomp; M. Hayashi; S. Hirayama; Y. Naito; Y. Watanabe; U. Tippawan; V. Simutkin; P. Andersson; J. Blomgren; M. Österlund; M. Tesinsky; F. R. Lecolley; N. Marie; A. Hjalmarsson; A. Prokofiev; A. Kolozhvari
1-Jan-2013Synthesis and characterization of filtered-cathodic-vacuum-arc-deposited TiO<inf>2</inf>films for photovoltaic applicationsC. Aramwit; S. Intarasiri; D. Bootkul; U. Tippawan; B. Supsermpol; N. Seanphinit; W. Ruangkul; L. D. Yu
1-Dec-2007The TSL neutron beam facilityAlexander V. Prokofiev; J. Blomgren; O. Byström; C. Ekström; S. Pomp; U. Tippawan; V. Ziemann; M. Österlund
1-Dec-2010An upgrade of the SCANDAL setup for measurements of elastic neutron scattering at 175 MeVP. Andersson; C. Gustavsson; R. Bevilacqua; J. Blomgren; A. Hjalmarsson; A. Kolozhvari; F. R. Lecolley; N. Marie; M. Österlund; S. Pomp; A. Prokofiev; V. Simutkin; M. Tesinsky; U. Tippawan
1-Dec-2005The Uppsala neutron beam facility for electronics testingM. Österlund; J. Blomgren; S. Pomp; A. V. Prokofiev; U. Tippawan; L. O. Andersson; T. Bergmark; O. Byström; H. Calén; L. Einarsson; C. Ekström; J. Fransson; K. Gajewski; N. Haag; T. Hartman; E. Hellbeck; T. Johansen; O. Jonsson; B. Lundström; L. Pettersson; D. Reistad; P. U. Renberg; D. Wessman; V. Ziemann
1-May-2013Worldwide measurements of radioxenon background near isotope production facilities, a nuclear power plant and at remote sites: The "EU/JA-II" ProjectP. R.J. Saey; A. Ringbom; T. W. Bowyer; M. Zähringer; M. Auer; A. Faanhof; C. Labuschagne; M. S. Al-Rashidi; U. Tippawan; B. Verboomen