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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2016Halodiatrype, a novel diatrypaceous genus from mangroves with H. salinicola and H. avicenniae spp. nov.M. C. Dayarathne; R. Phookamsak; K. D. Hyde; I. S. Manawasinghe; Chaiwat To-Anun; Gareth E.B. Jones
1-Jan-2016Morpho-molecular characterization and epitypification of Annulatascus velatisporusM. C. Dayarathne; S. S.N. Maharachchikumbura; R. Phookamsak; S. C. Fryar; C. To-Anun; E. B.G. Jones; A. M. Al-Sadi; S. E. Zelski; Kevin D. Hyde
1-Jan-2018Mycosphere Notes 225-274: Types and other specimens of some genera of AscomycotaM. Doilom; K. D. Hyde; R. Phookamsak; D. Q. Dai; L. Z. Tang; S. Hongsanan; P. Chomnunti; S. Boonmee; M. C. Dayarathne; W. J. Li; K. M. Thambugala; R. H. Perera; D. A. Daranagama; C. Norphanphoun; S. Konta; W. Dong; D. Ertz; A. J.L. Phillips; E. H.C. McKenzie; K. Vinit; H. A. Ariyawansa; E. B.G. Jones; P. E. Mortimer; Jian Chu Xu; Itthayakorn Promputtha
1-Jan-2017Neophyllachora gen nov. (Phyllachorales), three new species of Phyllachora from Poaceae and resurrection of Polystigmataceae (Xylariales)M. C. Dayarathne; S. S.N. Maharachchikumbura; E. B.G. Jones; I. D. Goonasekara; T. S. Bulgakov; A. M. Al-Sadi; K. D. Hyde; S. Lumyong; E. H.C. McKenzie
22-Apr-2016SchizothyriaceaeR. Phookamsak; S. Boonmee; C. Norphanphoun; D. N. Wanasinghe; N. I. de Silva; M. C. Dayarathne; S. Hongsanan; D. J. Bhat; Kevin D. Hyde
1-Jan-2016Taxonomic utility of old names in current fungal classification and nomenclature: Conflicts, confusion & clarificationsM. C. Dayarathne; S. Boonmee; U. Braun; P. W. Crous; D. A. Daranagama; A. J. Dissanayake; H. Ekanayaka; R. Jayawardena; E. B.G. Jones; S. S.N. Maharachchikumbura; R. H. Perera; A. J.L. Phillips; M. Stadler; K. M. Thambugala; D. N. Wanasinghe; Q. Zhao; K. D. Hyde; Rajesh Jeewon