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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2013Final 192-week efficacy and safety of once-daily darunavir/ritonavir compared with lopinavir/ritonavir in HIV-1-infected treatment-naïve patients in the ARTEMIS trialC. Orkin; E. Dejesus; H. Khanlou; A. Stoehr; K. Supparatpinyo; E. Lathouwers; E. Lefebvre; M. Opsomer; T. Van de Casteele; F. Tomaka
1-Sep-2012Improved neuropsychological and neurological functioning across three antiretroviral regimens in diverse resource-limited settings: Aids clinical trials group study A5199, the international neurological studyK. Robertson; H. Jiang; J. Kumwenda; K. Supparatpinyo; S. Evans; T. B. Campbell; R. Price; S. Tripathy; N. Kumarasamy; A. La Rosa; B. Santos; M. T. Silva; S. Montano; C. Kanyama; S. Faesen; R. Murphy; C. Hall; C. M. Marra; C. Marcus; B. Berzins; R. Allen; M. Housseinipour; F. Amod; I. Sanne; J. Hakim; A. Walawander; A. Nair
1-Aug-2016International neurocognitive normative study: neurocognitive comparison data in diverse resource-limited settings: AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5271K. Robertson; H. Jiang; S. R. Evans; C. M. Marra; B. Berzins; J. Hakim; N. Sacktor; M. Tulius Silva; T. B. Campbell; A. Nair; J. Schouten; With the 5271 study team; J. Kumwenda; K. Supparatpinyo; S. Tripathy; N. Kumarasamy; A. la Rosa; S. Montano; A. Mwafongo; C. Firnhaber; I. Sanne; L. Naini; F. Amod; A. Walawander
1-Apr-2010Monitoring and impact of fluconazole serum and cerebrospinal fluid concentration in HIV-associated cryptococcal meningitis-infected patientsW. Manosuthi; P. Chetchotisakd; T. L. Nolen; D. Wallace; S. Sungkanuparph; T. Anekthananon; K. Supparatpinyo; P. G. Pappas; R. A. Larsen; S. G. Filler; D. Andes
1-Nov-2011Predictors of poor clinical outcome of cryptococcal meningitis in HIV-infected patientsT. Anekthananon; W. Manosuthi; P. Chetchotisakd; S. Kiertiburanakul; K. Supparatpinyo; W. Ratanasuwan; P. G. Pappas; S. G. Filler; H. A. Kopetskie; T. L. Nolen; A. S. Kendrick; R. A. Larsen
1-Mar-2009Risk factors for extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae and Escherichia coli acquisition in a tertiary care teaching hospital in ThailandR. Chaiwarith; P. Pasogpakdee; P. Salee; K. Kanjanaratanakorn; T. Sirisanthana; K. Supparatpinyo
1-Jun-2012Treatment outcomes of patients co-infected with tuberculosis and HIV at Chiang Mai university hospital, ThailandS. Limmahakhun; R. Chaiwarith; N. Nuntachit; T. Sirisanthana; K. Supparatpinyo