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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Development of a microcolumn system for enhancng performance in flow injection spectrophotometric determination of copper / Boonlom PurachatBoonlom Purachat
2001A Study on a lignite and its burning products and method development of flow injection analysis for carbaryl and ascorbic acid / Somchai LapanantnoppakhunSomchai Lapanantnoppakhun
2001Determination of sulphite and sulphate in beverages by flow injection analysis / Wilaiwan PhakthongWilaiwan Phakthong
2002Plant tissues-based bioelectrodes for determination of some chemical substances / Prasit PurachatPrasit Purachat
2006Design and fabrication of the advanced flow analysis systems for the determination of some inorganic species on waters / Tapparath LelasattarathkulTapparath Lelasattarathkul
2004Development of flow-based techniques for the determination of some heavy metals in environmental samples / Supunnee DuangthongSupunnee Duangthong
2004Study of the combined techniques of high performance Liquid Chromatography and flow injection analysis for determination of Iodide at trace level / Saowapha MuangkaewSaowapha Muangkaew
2009Development of flow injection and sequential injection methods for determination of selenium in water samples = การพัฒนาวิธีโฟลว์อินเจคชันและวิธีซีเควนเชียลอินเจคชันสำหรับการหาปริมาณซีลีเนียมในตัวอย่างน้ำ / Yanisa ThepchuayYanisa Thepchuay
2006Development of Flow Injection Amperometric Method with sample pretreatment column for determination of orthophosphate = การพัฒนาวิธีโฟลอินเจคชันแอมเพอโรเมตรีที่ใช้คอลัมน์เตรียมตัวอย่างสำหรับการหาปริมาณออโธฟอสเฟต / Wasin WongwilaiWasin Wongwilai
2004Development of flow-based analytical systems with dynamic surface tension detectors / Narong LenghorNarong Lenghor