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Title: A gamified mobile-based approach with web monitoring for a crowdsourcing framework designed for urban problems related smart government: A case study of Chiang Mai, Thailand
Authors: Kitti Puritat
Authors: Kitti Puritat
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2019
Abstract: © International Association of Online Engineering. Crowdsourcing in smart cities has rapidly grown with the buildup of the internet of things which has enabled citizens who are similarity thinking in the society to become increasingly connected with one another delivering information to the government in order to plan the city. This article proposes a gamified crowdsourcing framework for smart governments to solve urban problems. It could help government officers to organize the deliveries regarding the city's characteristics. We applied game elements from the Gamification Concept in a mobile application in order to engage the citizens in our framework. We evaluated the framework for 2 months which had 548 citizens according to system data. According to our crowd sourcing project the most important issues that Chiang Mai is facing are pollution and traffic jams.
ISSN: 18657923
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