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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2018Low pressure biomethane gas adsorption by activated carbonSirichai Koonaphapdeelert; James Moran; Pruk Aggarangsi; Asira Bunkham
14-Jun-2018Theory of reasoned action as a framework for communicating climate risk: A case study of schoolchildren in the Mekong Delta in VietnamQuynh Anh Nguyen; Luc Hens; Charlotte MacAlister; Lester Johnson; Boripat Lebel; Sinh Bach Tan; Hung Manh Nguyen; The Ninh Nguyen; Louis Lebel
1-May-2018An integrated process for xylooligosaccharide and bioethanol production from corncobPinpanit Boonchuay; Charin Techapun; Noppol Leksawasdi; Phisit Seesuriyachan; Prasert Hanmoungjai; Masanori Watanabe; Shinji Takenaka; Thanongsak Chaiyaso
15-May-2018Regeneration of Mono-ethanolamine Solution After Biogas Purification by Electrical Heating with Assisted Ultrasonic WaveWassana Kamopas; Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat
10-Jan-2018Phase characterizations, physical properties and strength of environment-friendly cold-bonded fly ash lightweight aggregatesChalermphan Narattha; Arnon Chaipanich
1-Jan-2018Impact and significance of alkaline-oxidant pretreatment on the enzymatic digestibility of Sphenoclea zeylanica for bioethanol productionPhuong Thi Vu; Yuwalee Unpaprom; Rameshprabu Ramaraj
1-Oct-2018Data logger-based measurement of household water consumption and micro-component analysis of an intermittent water supply systemB. Guragai; T. Hashimoto; K. Oguma; S. Takizawa
1-Sep-2018Why go green? Discourse analysis of motivations for Thailand's oil and gas companies to invest in renewable energyWarathida Chaiyapa; Miguel Esteban; Yasuko Kameyama
5-Mar-2018Carbon-Based Solid Acid Pretreatment in Corncob Saccharification: Specific Xylose Production and Efficient Enzymatic HydrolysisWei Qi; Chao He; Qiong Wang; Shuna Liu; Qiang Yu; Wen Wang; Noppol Leksawasdi; Chenguang Wang; Zhenhong Yuan
1-Jan-2018Thailand Green GDP assessment based on environmentally extended input-output modelKultida Kunanuntakij; Viganda Varabuntoonvit; Natanee Vorayos; Chanin Panjapornpon; Thumrongrut Mungcharoen